Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Home [Felicity's Review]

Author: Rachel Smith
Publisher: Outskirts Press, INC.
Pages: 225
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 *****'s

Description: After twelve years on top of the charts, country music superstar Lily Rae has decided to hang up the microphone and move home. Becoming Lillian Raftzen again is harder than she anticipated and soon, it seems running home is not enough to escape from her manipulative ex-agent, who not only threatens to end her happiness, but her life. 

When the girl of his dreams walks back into his life twelve years later, Justin DeLuca realizes as much as he loves her, she is no longer the girl he remembers. With everything they must overcome, can the two of them make their dreams come true? Lily’s dream to sing and Justin’s dream for a family are so very far from the same path. But by veering off course they find a new dream on a new path ending up right where it all began…..home.

My Review: Rachel Smith captured me in the first few pages. I couldn't believe this was only her first novel. She writes with such great detail that you begin to feel like your in Lily Rae's skin. You become Lily. You feel her heartbreak, tears, and laughter as she finds her way back home.

Lillian Raftzen returns home after twelve years of being on top. She has accomplished her dream of being a country music star but has also realized that it isn't what it's cracked up to be. She finds herself struggling to fit into the mold of returning home. Her homecoming isn't as welcome as she'd like.

Justin DeLuca has always love Lillian and had to watch her go after graduation. Even though she left town, she didn't leave his heart. Now that she is back he is determined to keep her safe no matter what the cost is. 

I finished this story in one sitting and couldn't put it down. Rachel Smith will draw you and keep you reading with a mix of mystery, suspense, romance, and heartache. As you find out more about Lillian's past as a country music star you'll want to hold in your arms and soothe her. This was a beautiful story and I cannot wait to see more from Rachel Smith!