Wednesday, May 21, 2014
I bought this book and I am so glad I did. This book is dark and delicious, a lot of angst between the characters, wicked fighting scenes and two of the main characters, which despise each other, wind up falling in love after being attacked by a succubus. This event changed their lives forever and this story is about what happens before the event and afterwards as well.
There is a strong cast of supporting characters, which I am sure we will be seeing in future books. Ella is a living vampire and a member of the Shadow hunters, and her partner Micah is a half demon half human man, also a member of the Shadow hunters.This first book is their story and without saying too much, this book is awesome. Madeline has a talent of using the right words to get her point across, and it makes the book so much more enjoyable.The author has a wonderfully unique style all of her own.And the sex between the main characters is literally hot hot hot!
I look forward to reading all of her books and if this is an example of what her books are going to be like in the future-I am in!
If you like books that are dark, well written and erotic, this is for you. And did I mention the sex is awesome!!