Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Review by Loraine Oliver ~ Spoiler Alert

Always Me starts off where part 1 ends and takes place 2 years after the end of the first book. This book was every bit as good as the first book and it causes you to be very emotionally involved with the characters in this story.

Tori now has a little son, who is the light of her life and she feels so much love for him it shines through the pages. A few things have changed for Tori, after book 1 ended, she went back home and moved into a home only a little way from her Mom's house. Tori and her Mom are trying to resolve their issues, and her mother is thrilled in her new role as a grandmother to her daughter's son.

Brett has always liked Tori, and now that she is alone he wants to be the man in her life and take care of her and her baby boy, but Tori can't let go of the past, and doesn't want to.

Keisha and Gerrit are now together and trying to make things work out between them as one look at the two of them and you know t.hey love each other but Gerrit is an alpha male, and very dominant, and Keisha takes delight in pushing Gerrit's buttons

Then there is Jose, he has gone into hiding after all the crimes he has committed and everyone is looking for him and they know Jose is looking for Tori. He is obsessed with her still, and won't stop until he claims her and sexually dominates and hurts her, and make her submit to him even if he has to kill her.

About the middle of the book, something happens that blows everyone's mind, and the reader will be stunned at yet another twist in the plot of this deliciously well written book. It will cause you to cry and sniffle, get raging mad, and worry yourself sick for the fate of one of the characters.

Luckily karma pays a visit, and while some things are resolved and closure happens, something else comes up, which causes another cliff hanger and will be the subject of book 3.

If you like a book that has great plot twists and turns, great sex scenes, alot of angst between the characters, and passion off the charts, then this is the book for you. Do yourself a favor and read this series, you will be so glad you did, I am.

I gave this book a 5***** star rating, and I would have given it more if I could have.