Monday, May 19, 2014

Review By Loraine Oliver ~

This novel was so well written that I am sure it is a great indication of things to come. A few facts are as follows:
1 This is Theresa's first book.
2 The book is well written.
3 The book held my interest from the first page- I did not have to read halfway through to decide if I liked it or not.
4 The book has a cast of wonderful characters that were everything you would want in a book.
5 The plot is well thought out, and has so many twists and turns it will keep you thinking about it long after you have finished the book.
6 This book it part one of a trilogy. There is a cliff hangar, just so you know.

This book is about a woman named Raven, who is 27 years old. Raven teaches 2nd grade at an exclusive school. Raven had a horrible life, and so now is just trying to live a normal life. Raven is a beautiful woman, and yet she does not realize it. All Raven wants is a peaceful life without any problems. She lives with her roommate Marco. She has one friend named Jackie who was her roommate in college and now teaches at the same school she does. Raven avoids the spotlight at all costs. When one looks at Raven, they can see the lingering sadness in her eyes.

Jaxon is the main male character in the book, and a billionaire who owns a company called Raiders Inc. and he is very high profile, he has a bodyguard named Max, who goes with him everywhere, and heads up his extensive security team. who is also his best friend. Jaxon is a take charge kind of man who has to control everything and everyone, in his family as well as his company. He is single and has no girlfriends even though there are so many women who would love to catch this rich, powerful and very handsome man. He also has a vulnerable side to him that no one sees, except for his Mom, sister and Max. His sister and mom try to tell him what to do, yet they know his love keeps them safe, and always has. When Jaxon was small his father left his family, and he grew up fast and took charge of his family back then and he does not let it be any other way even though his sister is married, Jax still is involved in her life and that of his nephew, he keeps them all safe.

Every morning Raven stops at Starbucks and gets a coffee to go for work. She also buys the homeless man across the street water and breakfast every day and they are friends and he looks out for her in his own way. He did several tours in Iraq and now a veteran, he is hopeless. One morning she is in a rush, not watching where she is going, and runs right into Jaxon and gets coffee all over them both. Jaxon takes one look at her and her violet eyes captivate him, leaving him speechless for once in his life. Raven apologizes and takes off. Later the same morning having to go to the school to stand in for his brother in law at his nephews "bring a parent to school day", they both are stunned to see each other once again. Raven does what she does best- she runs and Jaxon is hot on her trail. He goes through all kinds of channels to find out about who she is including asking the Barista at Starbucks and the homeless man about her. What happens you will have to find out when you read it!

This story is filled with angst, mystery, secrets from Raven's past that are so horrific that you can't believe she is so sweet and yet so vulnerable and unable to let herself go and trust anyone, a vicious man from Raven's past, plot twists and turns, love, desire, friendship and so much more in a little over 400 pages. Be prepared to give yourself time to read this, you will not be able to put this book down until you have finished.

I loved this book and can't wait for part two to come out! Do yourself a favor and read this book, you will be glad you did, I am!
I gave this book a 5***** Star rating!