Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Review by Loraine Oliver 4 Lovely Stars

Ella Fox once again has written a great book! I really enjoyed this book, and I am sure a lot of other people will as well. This book is written about the characters in a rock band, and rather than writing about their success and rise to the top of their game, this story takes place after the band has achieved their fame and fortune, ten years later.

This book centers around what the group decides to do with their future. The lead singer of the group, Flynn Rand, about six years ago, looked out into the crowd, and was disgusted with his life, the groupies, the sex, drugs and rock and roll cliches that went along with being a rock star and he sees a beautiful brown eyed girl staring at him, and it causes him to have an epiphany. After the concert he blacks out and when he comes to, he realizes his life is about to change. He felt like a hypocrite and a loser standing up on stage giving a lukewarm effort at best, so he knows its time to change.

This book is what happens 6 years later and what has been decided with all of the band members agreeing 100% that its time to give a great last concert and have the road to the last concert tour taped and documented. They have met a band that they like and are going to have them open their last set of tours, so this is one of the things that will alter Flynn's life forever.

Tessa Hamilton is now a young woman and has gone to college and become a professional photographer. Unbeknownst to Flynn, she is the girl he had sung his heart out to all those years ago. Flynn sees the great pictures she has taken for the band that will be touring with them and he decides he has to have her document in pictures their goodbye tour. When he meets her he feels like he knows her but he does not know where he has seen her or anything. He just knows that somehow his life is going to change for the better

This book had a lot of emotional angst, great sexual encounters between the main characters, and a lot of surprises no one- especially Flynn and his whole family members sees coming. Every time you think you know what is coming, something else happens that made me personally think "what the heck"? This book also had a lot of humorous situations and the minor characters really added to the story-like Flynn's Grandma, who is the self-appointed correspondent of all things having to do with the band! She has an enormous twitter following and loves it, and keeps her readers informed of everything, and I mean everything to the band's amusement and to Flynn's family and their shock at some of the things she posts! This book had a lot of sad parts too, and you will find yourself hoping everything will turn out
good for everyone!

The book ends and it leaves you hoping for more of this group of characters! This book is not the typical rock star read, it is more the behind the scenes of the band and their families. Do yourself a favor and read this book-you will be glad you did!

I gave this book 4**** stars and look forward to the next book!!!