Saturday, June 7, 2014

Review by Loraine Oliver ~ 5 Beautiful Stars

My Forever June by DeAnna Kinney is a wonderful read that made me feel so many emotions, and the first book to make me both laugh and cry in a long time. This book will make you feel love, happiness, sadness, despair, emotional angst, giddy anticipation, a feeling of looking forward to each day, and I laughed out loud at different scenes in the book. I found myself actually crying at one point!

The main character June is a young woman who lived her whole life under her Mom's exacting standards, and the only respite she had growing up was when she went to her aunt's house at the beach every summer. June's aunt was an artist and taught June everything she knew. After June graduated from college, her aunt passed away and left her her beach cottage and all her money to June, and June wastes no time in packing up and moving, much to her Mother's horror. June then proceeds to paint and sell her art at the art studio in town. In the beginning of this book, she is getting ready for her first art showing. She also has a bit of rebellion going and does everything she could not do while growing up, like living with her house totally cluttered, never fixes her bed and has laundry coming out of her ears-and she does no cooking! She is free spirited and loves her life. June has also inherited her aunt's cat which is a really funny part of the book as well.

Enter Tucker, a beautiful man- inside and out, and one day on the beach after a minor incident they meet. Tucker is very handsome, but quiet and subdued, and he, like June has had his share of issues with his parents as they are wealthy and keep trying to marry him off to the latest debutante every season. Tucker is awed and amazed by June, and loves how she is.They hit it off but take it slow. After all there is no rush! Tucker is very different from June, and he finds her fascinating! They talk and share what it was like growing up and then Tucker realizes the reason for some of June's quirkiness and weird habits like putting 16 or so packets of sugar in a small take out coffee, and why she leaves everything lying around, is too feel free.

Just when things are going great for them both, tragedy strikes. Will June have the strength to see it through? Will Tucker be able to have his "forever June", as he calls her, in his life, and she in his? Can love truly save someone. Can two completely different types of people make love work, and be happy together? Can a grumpy Cat accept anyone else into his cat world?!! Read the book and find out-you will be so glad you did!

I gave this book 5***** stars! Thank you DeAnna Kinney for writing such a touching, beautiful story!