Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Review By Loraine Oliver - 5 Sizzling Stars Release Day is June 17th 2014

Conned by Jessica Wilde, is the second book of the Brannock Siblings. As in Leverage, this book held my interest from the beginning and if you have not read Leverage, I suggest you read it so you get the full benefit of knowing all of the characters from the Brannock family and the ones introduced in book two as well!
Book 2 is about Connal Brannock and Emily, a witness he has been nominated to keep safe while she awaits a trial as a witness for the prosecution. She is staying with him so he can make sure nothing happens to her before the trial. Emily becomes really enamored of the Brannock family and how much they all love and care about each other, and how they have taken her into their homes and their hearts as well.They love her just as much! She has a brother, as their parents died when she was 18, and she took over raising him, but unfortunately he is not a nice person and he has involved Emily in something that has endangered her life, by agreeing to help him, and the sad fact is that he is using her, and does not care what happens to her.
There is a lot of emotional turmoil felt by Emily, and the Brannocks as she has developed feelings towards her protector, feelings she has never felt for anyone, and feelings about her brother and how he has been towards her.
There is a lot of emotional angst between the two siblings as she loves her brother and does not want anything to happen to him, and she finally realizes that all the love is one-sided.
The plot is well developed, and the story line is really excellent.I can't say too much more or I will give the plot away.
When seriously bad things happen, can love be strong enough to overlook things done in the name of love that are misunderstood, to heal a love that has seriously been jeopardized by deceit? Is there such a thing as second chances? Will there be a future for Emily and Connal? Will Emily's brother come to his senses? You will have to read this book to find out.
I really loved this book and look forward to the next book in this series about The Brannocks!
Get yourself a copy when it is released and see what happens!
I gave this book a 5***** star rating, as this book is great!

Thank you to Jessica Wilde for another wonderful read!