Saturday, June 28, 2014

Review by Loraine Oliver - 5 Wonderful Stars

Book 3 of The Stone Trilogy is a great ending to this series, and it ties together all the loose ends from books 1 and 2, and it also draws to a close all the mystery surrounding Tristan and Nina's enemies.

This series tells the story of 2 people who find the kind of love that is so hard to find- true love- the kind of love that makes a man and a woman consider someone else's happiness besides their own. This book shows how Tristan and Nina come to terms with all the problems they are facing, and Tristan is finally able to do what it takes to secure having Nina in his life forever. Several people plot to destroy them for their own selfish greed, and their desire to have what does not belong to them and their hostility and hatred shines through the pages of this story.

Nina finally comes to realize what a terrible life Tristan has had, all the insecurity, the lonely days, the meaningless women ,drugs and alcohol and she decides to be the woman she knows only she can be for Tristan-he told her and he meant it when he told her he could not live without her. Nina will also stand up to anyone, including her own sister, and let her love shine through for the world to see.

A lot of terrible things happen in this last book, but I can honestly say that it could not have been written any other way. Will Nina and Tristan have their happily ever after, or will all the drama and angst and twists and turns of the plot put an end to them? You have to read it to find out, and I am so happy I read this trilogy!

I gave this book 5***** stars and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.