Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Review by Danie - Chasing Joy by Author Georgeanna Bingley - 5 Amazing Stars

"If you're thinking about running, you should probably start now." That line in the description reached out, grabbed me and would not let go.

If you are not into consensual/non-consensual play, you will not enjoy this.

This was an extreme read even for a jaded reader like myself. I handed over my erotic lit V-card to Lora Leigh a few years ago and have increased my repertoire ten fold since then. This is a very short story so a detailed review would probably spoil it. There were several times in the book that I was questioning the actual consent of the heroine, but the HEA made all of that clear. Some of the quotes in this book had my Kindle smoking! Wow!

Although some of the scenes were a bit extreme for my tastes, I absolutely LOVE the author's writing style and the way she conveys the emotions the heroine is experiencing. I will definitely be looking for more titles from this author.