Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Review by Loraine Oliver - 5 Stunning Stars

Beautiful Disaster is the first book in a trilogy of books, followed by Walking disaster and A Beautiful Wedding.

This book was very well written and had a cast of wonderful characters, besides the 2 main characters, Travis and Abby. The plot was good and had a lot of unexpected twists and turns up until the very end of the book, so it was not boring in any part at all; it was written with a good fluidity of words, which kept the book moving at a good pace, and made it hard to put down. This book caught my interest from the very beginning, and I am so glad that I read it.

Abby Abernathy is a first year college student that moves away from her hometown in Kansas, in order to start a new life without all the baggage that her old life contained for her, caused by a very bad childhood and an abusive father, who was mentally not physically abusive. Her friend America, decides to move with her, and they embark on this journey together. America has very good parents who took Abby under their wing when she was younger, otherwise Abby would have been completely unloved. Abby has been in the public eye before unfortunately for all the wrong circumstances, and she just wants to have peace and go to school, and live a completely different life than she had at home.

America starts dating a nice young man named Shep, who is sharing a house with his cousin Travis Maddox. Shep really likes America a lot and he treats her really well. Shep is in a fraternity but does not like dorm life which is why he chose to get a house with his cousin, Travis Maddox.

Travis Maddox is the youngest of the five Maddox brothers. and he has had a lot of hard knocks in his life. When he was very young his mother died so he was raised by his father and 4 older brothers. He has a reputation of being a man whore and he is. He also is the main fighter in a floating ring of underground fighters and he has not lost a single fight. Travis first sees Abby at one of his fights. and deep in his gut he feels something about her.

You have to read this book to find out all the craziness that all of these 4 young people go through, what happens between Travis and Abby, and there is a chilling scene towards the end that will have you crying while you are reading it. Take a journey into the life of these young people- you will be so glad you did.

I gave this book 5***** stars and I can't wait to see what happens in the next book, Walking Disaster, which is this story in Travis's point of view.