Monday, July 28, 2014

Review By Loraine Oliver - 5 Wonderful Stars

Reclining Nude in Chicago is a beautiful read. I really enjoyed it and although it was only 156 pages, it said more in those pages than many love stories I have read that were 300- 400 pages or longer. The book is well written and the characters are well-developed. It has a good plot and I did not really know what was going to happen, (even though I knew what I wanted to happen) until all was revealed at the end of the book. After reading this book, I went right to Amazon to see if she had written any other books, this one was that good!

A free-lance art writer, Julia, has always had a love of the artist Matisse, since she studied his works in college and now she has a lead to a new exhibit that is going to be shown in Chicago, so her boss gives her the okay to go and see what is going to be shown when the exhibit opens in a couple of months. She calls the museum and no one knows much so she asks to be connected with the curator. He is not there so she leaves a message.

The curator, although a slightly rude person to begin with, asks her question after question talks with her a while more and tells her to come to Chicago and he will give her the rundown and show her around the museum. Julia excitedly agrees to go in a week's time. During the week while she is waiting to go, Pierce texts her constantly and they have some interesting conversations. The day she leaves he gives her the door code and the elevator code of where he wants her to go, so so they can meet.

This is where things get interesting! Julia shows up and does not see anyone at first so calls out and a man starts yelling at her for being late and tells her to remove all of her clothes and get on the bed! A while after this happens, and Julia is sitting there another man comes in and he asks the artist, Emerson, if his friend showed up! Julia then realizes that the artist is not the museum curator at all, but an actual artist! The museum curator Pierce then asks her why she is sitting there and got naked for a man she did not know! The artist is not even upset that the model he paid did not show up and continues what he is doing- painting. Things happen after that between the 3 of them and they have several encounters together, something new for Julia, and she finds that she is starting to develop feelings for the artist, as every night she winds up with him after Pierce leaves, and he takes care of her personally and is affectionate with her.

After a couple of mind blowing days, Julia returns home, after she agrees to return for the opening. Julia misses Emerson and thinks of him all the time.One day she gets a text from him stating he is coming to Hollywood, and if she knows of a good place he can stay? Of course she tells him she does, and he shows up at her home and they have a wonderful week together and he surprises her when they show up at an art exhibit he is having in Hollywood! Emerson has to go back to Chicago, and he sees the invitation that Pierce has sent Julia, a personal invitation,and he becomes very jealous but says nothing.

The day comes when she returns to Chicago for the opening and Julia sees Emerson-with another woman. As she goes to leave after the dinner he stops her and asks her where she is going? Julia tells him its none of his concern to go back to his date, Julia feels hurt, and just has to get out of there.

What happens with Julia and Emerson? What is going on between Julia and Pierce? What is going on that she does not understand? There is a lot of angst between the characters, and I could not tell what was going to happen, the author will keep you guessing!

You have to read this book to see what happens, and how sometimes the most innocent of things can cause life altering events.
You will be glad you read this book, and I guarantee, you will love the way this writer writes! I positively know the ending will really surprise you-it did me!

I gave this book 5***** stars, and I can't wait to see more by this author!