Sunday, July 20, 2014

Review by Loraine Oliver for Rain Shadow by Tess Oliver - 5 Fantastic Stars

Rain Shadow Book 1 is the first of a five part series by Tess Oliver. When you hear the name Tess Oliver, myself personally- I one click the book without even reading what it is about as I have read a lot of books by her, and I know 2 things to be true;
1 It is going to be a great read
2 Whatever the cost is, it will be worth ten times the amount I will be glad to pay.

As with all of her other books, this book is well written and has a great cast of characters, it moves along at a rapid pace with no chance of putting the book down- it is too good to put down. It has a great plot and you can't guess what is going to happen, because just when you attempt a guess, it changes in a way you did not see coming.

Evangeline, aka Angel Sharpe, is a beautiful young girl. Unfortunately she has a not so good life. Angel lives out in the desert, in a compound of a motorcycle club run by her Grandfather. The only good thing in Angel's life is her aunt, otherwise there would be nothing good in her life,

One day, while riding her horse outside the compound she sees a man laying close to death all balled up to protect himself, but he is a mass of beaten ribs, whip marks on his back and chest covered in black and blue marks, and his right ear is torn into 2 pieces. He is barely hanging on, his will to survive has just slipped away. Angel rushes over to him and gives him a little bit of water and decides to take him back to the compound. Big mistake.

Met with hostility and threats all around, Angel never the less gets him into the compound and tries to clean him up a little. This is when they both realize this handsome beaten to near death man does not remember anything-his name, where he is from and if he has a family. or who he knows. Angel starts calling him Reno.

Angel's Grandfather has him dragged into the place at the compound where they torture and do whatever it takes to get the information they need. The Bedlam Motorcycle Club takes no prisoners usually and they are not too happy that despite what they do to this man he can't remember anything. Even branding him with their Motorcycle insignia on the back of hi leg does not do the trick. After Angel steps up to block a belt meant for him, her grandfather calls a halt and just lets him know he is a prisoner.

Angel takes care of him, as she has studied to be a doctor through the use of medical books and the internet, so she is the compound's healer. As she starts taking care of him she develops feelings for Reno, and he for her.

Towards the end of the book something happens to cause Reno to remember everything. What is revealed will shock you as much as it shocked me, I would have never expected what was revealed! You will have to read this and see for yourself how good it is!

Will all hell break loose now the Reno remembers who he is? Will he able to get himself and Angel out of the compound, as he is not leaving without her? Will there be any chance for Angel and Reno? what happens at the end of this book that will shock you?

I gave this book a 5*****star rating, as it is an awesome book, with all the elements that are needed! Can't wait for August when Part 2 comes out! Thank you Tess for another awesome book, or in this case series!