Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Review by Wicked Women Reviewer Ann Marie - 5 Stunning Stars for Stay by author Hilary Wynne

Carnal; relating to physical, especially sexual, needs and activities.

Alexa Reed is a 25 year old woman who has had one hell of year, through it all she has had her friends Marissa, Shannon, Krista and Luke her best friend. Tonight she is going out with them to meet up at Stellar night club located within Hotel Del Marco to celebrate his birthday. Luke is a bartender at Orion which is the rooftop bar. Upon arrival everyone proceeds to get their drinks in hand and head to the dance floor downstairs. As Alexa is descending the steps she keeps her head down to navigate the stairs when she runs into one of the hottest guys in this city Julian Bauer.

Julian Bauer is the owner of Hotel Del Marco young, rich and gorgeous. He is coming up the stairs and that's when she walks right into him spilling her drink on him. He introduces himself to her and shakes her hand electricity shoots through her hand. Alexa can't believe who she just walked into of all the people in the world to walk into it had to be Julian Bauer. They both feel that immediate attraction. He flirts with her and she flirts right back at him.

This is a roller coaster! I was happy, sad, I was up and down. I love..... LOVE..... this story line between these two characters, the back and forth, the flirting and the carnal sexual desire that they have for each other is so overwhelming for Alexa. (and me the reader!!) Her friends encourage her to move on from Brady. They feel what she has with Julian could be good for her. But Alexa can't forgive herself. She must! If this is to work between Julian she needs to learn to trust him, to tell him everything and open to him. He is being so patient with her but he is getting frustrated with her as well. Luke is her best friend but it seems Luke may want more from Alexa and she seems to not even notice what his true feelings are although everyone else around her does even Julian sees Luke's true feelings for her.

I do not speak Spanish at all, except for what Dora taught my daughter LOL. But you made it so that when he speaks Spanish to her she repeats it in a way that I get what he is saying to her. LOVE IT! I am so happy that you did that because otherwise I would have had to stop and look it up lol so thank you! That was clever! (for me anyway)

Will Alexa open to Julian and finally tell him her deep dark secret that she never told anyone, not even her therapist? Will Julian STAY? Will he continue to love this woman after she tells him? This is her biggest fear. What will he think of her once she admits it’s her fault? Will Luke tell Alexa his true feelings finally? Will she feel the same way? T
his is going on the top of my list as one of my favorites! I love this couple I really am rooting for them.

I started this book and could not put it down; my heart was racing for her and at times breaking as well. The sexual energy between these two HOLY HELL HOT!!! WOW!!! Keep this up Hilary!!! Great book!!