Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Review by Wicked Women's Reviewer Loraine Oliver for Conversion (Conversion #1) by S.C. Stephens

Conversion by S C Stephens is the story of Emma and Teren. It starts off with Emma, a bright successful young woman, who has a great job, a nice home, and a Mom and Sister who she sees on a weekly basis for dinner. Her love life is a little bit boring, but she does go out on occasion, with her girlfriends for a good time.

One day running late, she smacks right into Teren Adams, and proceeds to spill her coffee all over him. She apologizes profusely, and hands him her business card so she can pay for his cleaning bill. Mortified she flees to work as fast as she can.

Teren Adams is a handsome man and a very gentle soul,he is also a successful writer, and he likes Emma immediately, calls her that same afternoon and buys her a cup of coffee and they start seeing one another. Teren loves how Emma, is and he feels like he can be himself with her and winds up giving himself away after 3 weeks of dating. Teren has a secret, and he is nervous to tell Emma, as he has already developed feelings for her and does not want to lose her.

This book was well written, had a good story line, a little bit of angst between Teren and his family members, on occasion, as they love him but pressure him too much; you will see why as the book progresses. This book was fast-paced, and Emma was really a likeable character with her attitude about everything and the way she sees thing, and it totally entertains Teren. There are some good sex scenes between them and Teren is everything that Emma could ever wish for, and he feels the same about her. They have a rough spot after she visits his home the first time, but luckily they get back together.

Something terrible happens to them however, which will have your stomach tied in knots and your heart racing - it changes the whole dynamic of Teren and Emma's life. Will they be able to live with what happens? You will have to read it to find out! Will they have their happily ever after- you will have to read it to find out!!

AND-remember you know this book is going to be good before you even read it-after all this is the brilliant author that brought us Kellan Kyle! And you will love this trilogy of books every bit as much as that one. I know I did.

I gave this book 5***** brilliant stars because this book was awesome, and look forward to telling you about the other two books as well. Happy Reading!(less)