Monday, July 21, 2014

Review of Underworld by author Lizzy Ford. 5 FANTASTIC STARS!!!!!!!!


Book 4 in the Rhyn Eternal Series.

"Change doesn't mean losing who you are."

We begin the Underworld with Gabriel, Rhyn and Darkyn returning to Death's domain looking for Harmony the death dealer who kidnapped Deidre (Darkyn's mate) and past-Death Deidre.

Gabriel needs to set things right in his Underworld before he can save his mate. His journey to the palace is not an easy one and he finds out soon enough that his world needs him. Will he find past-Death? Will he finally accept what he has been fighting? Will Gabriel forgive past-death?

Darkyn needs to find his mate Deidre before blood lust takes his newly formed mate. She will die if he doesn't. Will Darkynmake it to her in time?

You will also meet a new deity in this book and learn of some new ones.

" I saw you lunch meat" sound familiar? it will if you read the first three books. Who is this demon Jarred? Why does he seem to just pop up randomly?

Andre "Ancient" expert demon hunter the half brother of Rhyn. He is also known as the "peacemaker" I am so curious about this guy. When anyone is around him they feel calm and peace. Who is he? Why is he here now?

The wait was worth it. Thank you Lizzy Ford for sharing this world with us. I look forward to more, hopefully a lot more. Wouldn't mind more Darkyn either.