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Fighting for Arielle by Karina Sharp - Review by Loraine Oliver from Wicked Women

Fighting for ArielleFighting for Arielle by Karina Sharp

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review by Loriane Wicked Women Reviewer

Fighting for Arielle was an exceptional read that introduces us to Katrina Sharp and this is her debut novel, and it was an awesome read. This book has 3 main people in it, Arielle, a vibrant young woman married to a sailor named Brody, and also a Lieutenant in the Navy who is a lawyer, named Mick McCrary. There are several other characters as well.

Arielle and Brody went to high school together and when he enlisted in the Navy and had to move to Hawaii, they decided to get married so she could go with him. They have no children and have been married for about a year, but they do have a big Sulcata Tortoise, who is named Senor Swankypants, Swanks for short! Arielle has always been an upbeat person and this marriage she is in is killing her spirit slowly but surely. This is an example of her husband's attitude. Showing up one night this is what he tells his friends when they question if he shouldn't ask his wife first if they can party there. "Come on. I don't care if she's here. She won't care. No I don't have to run it by her. It's not like she has any other friends anyway." This is his attitude towards her, he is always picking on her and he spends his time off work drunk. He feels like Arielle is worthless. They barely even have relations either anymore and he resents it.

When Arielle meets McCrary, a Lieutenant in the Navy and they start seeing each other at first, she realizes that she is just barely living, existing to get by with Brody. Once physical abuse comes into the picture things have to change with Arielle and her husband. As her relationship, purely innocent at first with McCrary develops, she realizes the difference. Arielle realizes that everything she wants is right there with McCrary!

Will Arielle find the strength to do what is right for herself to be able to seek out what she and any other woman deserves? This quote from the book shows what Arielle is asking herself- just weeks after she starts staying with McCrary, which makes her question her life up to now:
"I've learned that the hallmarks of any strong relationship are communication, pleasure, and respect. Do you talk to one another about the good, the bad, the happy, the sad and the mundane? Do you take time to laugh with one another, share a smile, and appreciate each other? Do you say nice things about each other, even when not in the other's presence? Our relationship sits on those hallmarks and will continue to build upon that foundation. When we hit a snag or feel a little shaky, we will still have those original pillars from which we will rebuild."

This book points out that while we may know what would make us happy, it takes a special kind of courage to pick ourselves up, and start a new life with someone else, or even just by ourselves, especially women who have suffered from emotional abuse, which in some ways can be worse as it leaves us feeling worthless, unable to do anything right, and that we are lucky we have someone, even if it is a loser, to lean on.

As for McCrary, after being a lawyer in the Navy for all this time, he realizes that finding a wife is a very difficult thing and he does not believe a marriage while in the military is possible. He
has seen so many Navy men get married and then divorced over a fairly quick period of time, and the marriages he does see work, like his mom and dad are good, but yet even that had a bad ending-you have to read book to find out-McCrary loved his mother. As his feelings for Arielle start running deep he begins to hope it may happen, but it is up to her to get her life together before she can come to him-and oh he loves her! He is so emotionally involved will he get hurt?

Take this journey with Arielle and McCrary and see what happens. Will Arielle have the strength to walk away,to do what is right for her, and find love-true love, in a wonderful man? Is she worthy of that love, will Brody harm her, will she have somewhere to turn to if she can't go with McCrary?
Read and see what happens and you will be so glad you did!

I gave this book 5***** Stars and I hope to see more books by this author!

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