Sunday, August 3, 2014

Review by Ann Marie for Hold On by Hilary Wynne

5+ Amazing stars You know how you feel when you get off a roller coaster and your belly has butterflies and you’re a little giddy your whole body has been heightened by the ride? Well I must say that the roller coaster ride that is Hold On was the best damn ride I have been on since I can’t remember when. You made me cry, you made me laugh but most of all you made me feel compassion for two people who were so totally screwed due to circumstances but loved each other so much. This story between Alexa (Lexi) and Julian, her friends, her best friend, her co-workers and her parents-wow! You have me! I love everything about this book I am not giving this a factual review I am giving this a review from my heart. Thank you for this amazing story, for some reason this book, this series has grabbed me and won’t let me go. You make me want to learn Spanish! LOL. Your song choices are perfect I had to look a couple up and yet again, I cried. My heart was racing as I lay there at 3 am reading. All of these emotions were stirring within me and I had to fight with myself to put it down so that I had something look forward to in the morning. Boy am I glad I waited I had two chapters to go and I couldn’t COULD NOT put this down. I love the way he loves her. The sex scenes in this book are so erotic, and so intense. Some facts though, Alexa finally admits her love for Julian. She is so happy he STAYED but the drama is far from over. Alexa finally admits everything that has happened between her and Brady to her closest friends, Julian and Ellen (her therapist). Brady’s mom wants to see her she needs to talk to her about a few things I have to say I wasn’t surprised of what happened there but I still hurt for Alexa. Seeing Luke again was hard too. I have come to love him and I am sad my heart breaks for him (insert Stay by Sam Smith). Julian gets devastating news and actually for the first time in this book drinks and drinks way too much (I knew it!! that is all I am saying but my gut was right!). The news? NO NOT TELLING YOU! You have to read it! He needs Alexa to HOLD ON he needs to HOLD ON will they hold on to each other is the question? Well you have to read the book to find out! Hilary Wynne thanks again for this awesome roller coaster ride and I look forward to more from you. Please tell me there is more….more Luke, more Alexa and Julian ….please!!! lol.