Monday, August 11, 2014

Review by Ann Marie for Not Quite Dead Lyla Payne - 5 Ghostly Stars!!

Love, family, friendship, healing old wounds, saying goodbye and one hell of a ghost!
I absolutely loved this book! I have a thing for ghost stories whether they are real or not. Being someone who has had a personal experience, lol yes I did have a ghost encounter! I couldn’t put this book down.
We start out with Graciela Harper sleeping in her grandfather’s driveway, she seems a bit of a mess. The nosey neighbor is banging on her car window and now she has to deal with her. This is the neighbor that called her threating to call social services if someone didn’t come take care of him. So Graciela has returned to her grandfather’s home to take care of him. She was living in another state and was engaged. The timing was perfect she needed to leave anyway.
So Gracie is back taking care of her grandfather, she hasn’t seen any of her friends from childhood. There was a falling out between her and her cousin Amelia whom she was very close with all their lives. Eventually she reconnects with each of them, but it’s not that easy, things have changed and not for the best; especially for Amelia. There is so much going on here with the friends and Amelia and the man she meets Beauregard Drayton. The relationships between all of them and the way the story is written I love it! I thought it was perfect I didn’t feel like anything was left unsaid here between these characters. Beauregard is one hot man!!!
Now (insert creepy scary music here) the story of Anne Bonny. There is a legend that anyone who sees Anne Bonny is considered crazy so when Graciela sees her in her rearview mirror she thinks she is losing her mind. I love this part of the story where Anne Bonny is involved I love the entire book. What could she possibly want from Graciela? Why is she “haunting” her? Is she really losing her mind? You need to read this!
I was so surprised by the ending. Most times I can figure stuff out and I am pretty much talking to the book saying “come on I know who it is” but this time there were some curve balls for sure! And the ending OMG!!! I can’t wait to continue reading these books. Great read!!