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I Will Love You For A Thousand YearsI Will Love You For A Thousand Years by Garrett Carkos

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review by WW reviewer Loraine Oliver

I Will Love You For A Thousand Years was a beautiful captivating story from the very first page and this short story said more in its few pages than most books say. It was a beautiful but tragic love story, and this story made me cry, it was that beautiful.

This is the story about a young boy and girl, who for years spent their summers at the lake, she was progressively growing more deaf as the years went by, and he was born into wealth, but they loved each other as young children do. Ginger, though deaf, is an accomplished pianist and all summer long she plays her piano at night and everyone sits outside their cottages and listens. Their last year at the lake when they went into town to eat, Ginger tore the menu in half and wrote on it, and Garret does the same.

Ten years later, Garret is sitting at a bus stop and sees an ad for the orchestra, and he sees Ginger's name, and his dad has him picked up and delivered to the concert with a backstage pass. When Ginger comes out she looks out in the crowd and sees him, and she signs to him with her fingers and then blows him a kiss! After she does her part she steps into the audience and runs to him and they sit down and listen to the rest of the show holding hands. Garrett has no intention of ever letting her go again.

They spend almost a year travelling the world and doing everything and anything that Ginger wants, because Garrett wants to do whatever she wants as long as he is with her. They have the time of their lives. One day they decide to go home for Christmas, and Ginger still has a contract for the following year to do some shows so they go back.

This is where the plot twists and two things happens so unexpectedly, that it ripped my heart apart, and yet the story ends with an unexpected gift. I have to say I did not expect the story to end this way, but I am so glad I read it and I will keep it around to read again someday!

I gave this story 5***** beautiful stars. It was hard for me to review this, because I could not say much, but read it-you will be glad you did! It is a beautiful story!

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