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Temptation (Club X, #1)Temptation by K.M. Scott

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Review by Loraine - Wicked Women Reviewer

Temptation by K M Scott was an awesome read. I have read her Heart Of Stone Trilogy and so I knew it was going to be good and she did not disappoint me! This book is the first of a trilogy, and it was a great start! There is a lot of emotional angst in this book, as well as a few twists and turns to the plot I really did not see coming. Ms Scott's writing style is really impeccable, and it makes it a pleasure to read her books. I have read everything by her, and I know no matter how many books she writes in the future I will automatically pre-order them!

This book is about 3 brothers, who all share a club called Club X. They all do their own thing in the club, so they keep the club running smoothly. Club X is a night club but oh so much more. For the right price you can have any fantasy you want come true. It is a members only club, and very exclusive, and you can't just go in there, buy a membership and that is it, you have to be screened thoroughly first! All the people who go there may go for different reasons, but there is no doubt about it, whether you are going to dance, to hook up with a new person or even more, you will don be disappointed. You can live out your fantasy upstairs, all arranged by the club-you just have to show up!

This first book is about Cassian March and he is the public face of Club X. Cassian is a total alpha male, and he displays it well. He does as he pleases and has most women falling at his feet, even for a one night stand. Everything is always his way or no way. He is the total package, tall, dark, handsome and oh so rich. Things are not always as they seem however,and when you read this you will find out exactly what I mean. Here is a quote to show you what Cassian is like, the oldest brother-
"In fact, everything about him screamed money. And sex. Definitely sex. Like the kind of sex that left you boneless on his silk sheets with him still inside you after f_____g you better than you’d ever been f____d before."

Olivia Lucas, a college graduate, needs a job really bad and so far has struck out everywhere she goes. Olivia's friend suggests to her she go to Club X to get a job working in the office, and she decides to do so. Little does she know what she is in store for. When Cassian sees Olivia for the first time he is very interested -this quote shows what he was thinking as she sits filling out paperwork for the job; "for me redheads were always hot, no matter what color eyes they had. Fiery and hot-tempered, there was nothing sexier than a redhead, and a smart one like Olivia was the best type of woman there was." Cassian's brother also shows an interest in her and Cassian warns him off right away! Olivia is given the tour of all 3 floors of the facility and realizing what kind of place this was, she still takes the job. She was also told she got a free membership for any and all of their services! Will she take them up on their offer and taste the delights the club has to offer someone like her?

As a matter of fact Olivia's friends had tried to get her to go to celebrate her 25th birthday party with Jake, their friend- the rich trust fund baby of the group, and he had been willing to buy her a membership there. Now as they sat around discussing and celebrating her new job they brought the subject up of how in the past they had always tried to get her to go there and Josie her friend, said to her that could she not remember them saying to her that Club X was like Vegas, what happened in Vegas stayed in Vegas and it was that was at Club X. Her friend Erin said to her, "Yeah well sensible or not, that club you're working at is the hottest place I've ever partied. You should see the men there, Liv. Oh my God."

You have to read this book, and let me just say that I can't say much more than the fact that Cassian and Olivia are very attracted to each other, but Olivia knows Cassian is way out of her league, in all ways. Her sexual experience is pretty limited as well,and this is obvious to Cassian as he looks at her. She is very innocent looking, and that is a huge turn on for him as he is used to all the typical fake plastic bimbos he sees, and uses, and then tosses away like yesterday's news. Now Cassian wants nothing more than to claim her, as a matter of fact it is driving him wild.For once Cassian is swimming in uncharted waters. He knows he will have to be careful how he approaches Olivia,if he wants a chance to get to know her.And where does Jake, her friend fit in all of this, he has secretly wanted Olivia for a long time.

What will happen, will they get together? If they do, is it going to be like it always is with Cassian? Or will he want to keep her, if he is lucky enough to get more than 8 hours of work out of her? Will Olivia give him a chance even though she knows the risk she takes, possibly losing her heart? You will have to read this to get the answers to all of these questions, and believe me you do not want to miss out on reading the first book in this new trilogy.

Congratulations, K.M. Scott, you have done it again, and I can hardly wait for the next two parts of this trilogy to come out, and neither will you, after you read this greatbook

I give this book 5***** stars, and so will you!

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