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Review by Ann Marie - Beauty's Beast by Author Amanda Ashley

Beauty's BeastBeauty's Beast by Amanda Ashley

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Review by Wicked Women Reviewer Ann Marie 3.5 Stars

Passion, romance, love, fear and forgiveness.

At just seventeen Kristen Arrington found herself locked away in a prison, for a crime that she committed against a man who tried to take her virginity away from her forcefully. She was scheduled for death soon. A guard came into her cell cut her beautiful hair off telling her he would make a pretty good fortune off it. Later that day she was fed a feast. The next morning she woke. She heard the guardsmen coming her way, assuming this was her time to die she waited. She didn’t want to die but she had nothing to live for either.

It was then that she saw him a dark shape that looked like death itself shroud in a long black woolen cloak. She didn’t understand what was happening why was this man here? Who was he? The guardsmen were telling him about her, "just turned seventeen". "This be yer lucky
day girl. Seems his lordship has taken a fancy to ye".

"I am to be the bride of Erik Trevayne, Demon Lord of Hawksbridge Castle"

If you think this is a typical tale Beauty meeting Beast, falling in love and having a happily ever after then you are wrong. Yes Beauty does meet Beast but it is anything but romance and flowers it isn't easy for her she doesn't understand her new husband or why he even chose her. She is grateful to him for saving her
for giving her life.

Eric Trevayne has been cursed by an evil witch Charmion the mother of his first bride Dominique, as she gave birth to their first child she took her last breath before pushing out the child. Both mother and child died. The witch so enraged place a curse upon Eric "I warned you, Trevayne, you should have listened." He denied this was his doing. He told Charmion this what his wife wanted she wanted a child. "No this is what you wanted!" she said.
"Look at me, Trevayne" he met her heated gaze "A rutting beast you were, a beast you shall become. Not all at once, my selfish one. Day by day, the change will come upon you, until you have suffered for every tear my daughter wept, for every drop of blood she shed this day."

I feel so sorry for Eric and I feel for Kristen only seventeen never having been in love or truly knowing the love of a man for a women. She finds love with her beast she doesn’t know or understand what has happened to him or why this happened to him but regardless she falls in love with him. Eric picked her thinking he would not be able to feel anything for her, when he choose her he did so feeling no attraction towards this woman who looked so horrible and smelled badly. But when they cleaned her up and he saw her again, he felt something. Night after night he would visit her never staying long only enough to try to have an heir with her. Eventually she wanted more from him and they spoke it was a slow process for both but eventually it blossomed between them. Eric was changing he was becoming the beast that the witch had cursed him with and he couldn’t tell his bride she would hate him she would be disgusted how could she love a beast? Soon he would leave her for her own good once she was pregnant.

I recommend giving this book a chance I love a good fairytale story and this is the perfect adult version of Beauty and the Beast one of my all-time favorites.

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