Thursday, September 4, 2014

Review by Ann Marie WW Reviewer for Eva Gordon's Alpha Wolf's Pet, Hidden

Alpha Wolf's Pet ,HiddenAlpha Wolf's Pet ,Hidden by Eva Gordon

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 Stars!!

Mia a.k.a. Margaret Isabelle Abbott is in trouble a lot of trouble. She is in the witness protection program and has been for about a year now. Her father was killed her mother has been gone since she was a child and her grandmother is sick. She said goodbye to her old life and is now trying to stay alive. The mob that is after her already found her once hopefully not this time! She has been moved to a small cabin out in the woods it’s a nice cozy place and she immediately loves it! It’s a small town where they are hiding her now not like the big city she is used to. Her neighbors are Ellen Johnson who is her elderly neighbor and then there is Dominic Wolfe who is by the way is a billionaire and very very sexy too

“Mia chuckled. Wolfe? Wolf Woods? Why do I feel I just moved into Little Red Riding Hood’s cottage?”

Dominic Wolfe (*sighs) yes he is the APLHA male! Sexy and dominating and funny too! He was visiting Ellen when he first saw Mia (scented her) and his inner wolf wanted her like he never wanted anyone else. Confused by the strength of his desire for this human he needs to learn more about her. Dominic is known as the enforcer among the packs.
Ellen tries to play match maker of course. But Mia isn’t looking for a relationship right now with everything that is going on in her life. But Ellen does make some great pies and jam! And she is a sweetheart.

Mia bumps into Dominic one day in town. She spills her hot coffee on him and when she looks up and sees it’s him, HOLY HELL HE IS HOT! And here is where I will stop and give you some snip it’s because I want you to read this book.

“Mia gloried at being in control of the dominating magnificent male. His erection was like a nuclear missile primed for jettison with a powerful explosion. She bent down and gently but his ass as she squeezed his supersized manatomy.” “He threw his head back. “F**k. Mia”.

I love this story! There are laugh out loud moments and some pretty steamy sexy scenes as well! I am looking forward to more from Eva Gordon. What will Dominic do? What will Mia do? She can’t tell him she is in hiding. Dominic knows Mia is lying about something will she tell him? Why is his desire so strong for her?

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Alpha Wolf's Pet ,Hidden