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Review by Loraine Oliver WW reviewer for Missing (The Brannock Siblings Book 3) by author Jessica Wilde

Missing (The Brannock Siblings, #3)Missing by Jessica Wilde

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Missing by Jessica Wilde is the third book in the Brannock Siblings series and it was just as good if not more so than the first two books.

A recurring theme through all of these books so far and a very important one is that the Brannocks' are all very close, and their love is given freely and unconditionally, just as their mother gave them until her death, and their father still gives them every single day. The sister, Aislann had a rough time growing up with her two brothers acting like her personal body guards, along with their "adopted by love" brother Lucas Shade, and a father who was the same way, well you get the picture- a very close loving family, who were always there for each other, even though in Asilann's case it was too much as she just wanted to live and be free from her brothers' ruining her life! Read book 1, and you will see how Aislann makes out!

Gus Brannock, like all the male members of the family, is a police detective. His specialty was finding kidnapped children, and he always went after it with everything in him to find the children. Lately they have had a few very disturbing cases where children were taken but then left to be found in a department store or elsewhere, so they were having a hard time finding this person -one thing was certain-they were working night and day to find this person, who seems to be very extremely disturbed.

Gus is a very handsome man, and he lives in a nice apartment, and he has had no problems with willing women but he is tired of that scene and wants to settle down and have a wife someday sooner rather than later, and he loves children. Seeing his brother and his sister find their life mates, he wants the same for himself. He decides to join a dating site and see if he can find someone like himself, tired of all the dating and games that are played, that wants to have a meaningful relationship. Lately with all the work he has had thrown his way he has not had time for anything else. Other than teasing his neighbor about her horrid cooking that made him sick, which he was quick to point out to her, and feels the lash of her tongue and hatefulness, that is the whole interactions he has had. His neighbor is a beautiful woman, but it is obvious she despises him.

Aiden Murphy is the single woman who lives next door to that "jerk", Gus. She can't believe how such a handsome man can be such a jerk! They have their moments of going round and round and one morning he has just gotten home and there is so much noise and banging going on next door, he goes over there to tell her off. When she opens the door, and he starts to yell, she says to him that it was her niece who is just playing. When the niece comes out- a 5 year old red-haired little beauty just like her aunt and named after her as well, his heart just melts at the sight of her, and walking back home with his head hung low he can hear the little girl giggling so happily, and it eases his heart.

Aiden is very lonely, and after watching her sister's life fall apart from her husband leaving and not wanting anything to do with their little girl, Aiden just does not even try to find someone, and she just concentrates on her sister and her little namesake. She also joins a dating site, and she finds someone to talk to and is so happy to meet this man on a real date.

There is a lot of emotional angst between Aiden and Gus in this book, and it is downright hysterical at times how they interact with each other, while everyone looks on at them knowing what those two don't-they are perfect for each other! The plot thickens with everything going on at work, and also at home. There are a couple of twists in the plot which got me emotionally involved like I was there, and my heart pounding it was that real. A couple of scenes also had me laughing hysterically when something happens, that is too comical, and hits both Aiden and Gus right in the heart! Read how these two struggle with their love lives, and watch Gus reach his breaking point and what that means for everyone!

You have to read and see what happens with Gus, his neighbor Aiden and her sister, Lily- (Little Aiden's Mom), and the niece who loves her 'Gus Gus', as she calls him, which turns him into a blubbering slave willing to do anything for this little girl. Read how the whole family rallies around Gus when he is so undone by a new case and he needs his family more than ever, and read the outcome of this awesome book. I LOVED the way this book ends, and I want more!

Jessica Wilde outdoes herself as each new book she puts out is even better than the last. I have read every one of her books now, and I know that I will be looking forward to reading all of her new books that come out in the years to come! Thank you for this book Jessica, and congratulations on another successful chapter in the lives of the Brannock family!

I gave this book a 5***** star rating!

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Missing (The Brannock Siblings, #3)