Monday, September 29, 2014

Review by Loraine Oliver

My Coyote Ugly Life (My Life, #1)My Coyote Ugly Life by Jessica Spoon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is about the life of Azaria "Ree" Gable, and how she has chosen to live it. At the age of 27, she is a "sleep with a man once type of girl" and then never again, unless they are exceptional, and they can last up to a month, and then she is on to the next one. She thought she was in love as a young girl but when it did not work out it broke her heart and she never wants to feel that way again, so this is how she conducts herself. Ree works as a graphic artist, and does it from her home. She lives the big city life, and has a close group of friends, and a wonderful family life as well.

After a call from her family, she decides to move back home to Belton, into a little house temporarily so she can be there to help her mom out who had a brush of ill health. Ree loves her family and is very protective of them. Belton is a small town with the typical attitude of everyone gossiping and getting to know your business. However wild Ree was as a child, the whole town loves her! With the aid of an older woman who used to stick up for Ree, and cover up her wild child behavior- life has always been good for Ree! However sometimes one's behavior attracts the wrong kind of person and unknown to Ree, that is exactly what she has done.

While Ree has been gone the town has changed dramatically and one of the changes is all the hot new men in the police department which used to be comprised of the same old men; not anymore! Someone changed the application to say-
‘Ugly Men Need Not Apply’ and the only requirement is ‘How Well Do You Look In This Uniform?’ Shocking but true all the officers are ex military, special forces and hot! As Ree says her "gina-quiver inducing was caused by the chief of police Grayson Cole and she tries to avoid him at all costs as she does not want to take the risk of breaking her number one rule! The chase ensues and you will have to see what happens by reading the book!

This book was highly entertaining and all the characters were well developed, and the language was colorful but hilarious! Ree is in a situation she never has been in before-she has fallen in love and although she wants to be with Grayson, she is afraid. Everyone in the town rallies behind Grayson, to make sure this event occurs, including her mom! When something bad happens, it is a good thing neighbors can be so nosy, as it helps with the outcome!

I gave this book 5 stars and look forward to more books by this author!

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My Coyote Ugly Life (My Life, #1)