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Review by Loraine Oliver

Dimitri (Immortals of New Orleans, #6)Dimitri by Kym Grosso

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dimitri by Kym Grosso is the 6th book in this series, and just like the other 5, it did not disappoint! At the end of book 5, Leopold's book, Dimitri, the Beta of the Acadian Wolves in New Orleans got attacked on the beach,in San Diego. This story is what happens when Dimitri comes around. He wakes to find himself tied to the bed and he has been healed by a beautiful woman named Gillian Michel, who just so happens to be the sister of Jax, the alpha of the wolves in New York. However this woman is very unique, as she is a tiger shifter, but yet her father was an alpha wolf. Gillian is on the run from an alpha wolf, and as attracted as she is to Dimitri she knows she needs to get far away to keep him safe. Dimitri follows her with his friend in tow, and they get there just in time, as she is being attacked by the wolves once again. Although Dimitri could have killed the alpha, he did not, as he is happy where he is and has no desire to take over the pack after he kills their alpha. Dimitri and Gillian, have an instant extreme attraction, and Dimitri feels he has found his true mate. However until he can find out what has happened to his wolf, which is in trouble and causing him to be able to shift, he does not want to mark her as his own.

Things go from bad to worse once Dimitri goes to New York to see Jax, and they decied what to do after Gillian again is almost taken by the crazy alpha's wolves. Things are not as they seem, and something is not right,and the witch from New Orleans is a big part of what is happening to Dimitri, but no one thinks this except for Gillian. She is a healer , one of her gifts and when she meets the witch she instantly feels her Dimitri is in danger.

This book has quite a few twists in the plot and keeps you guessing as to who is good and who is not, who is holding back on the truth and how it will affect the outcome. There is a lot of sexual angst and emotional angst as well throughout the book.

Will Gillian come clean with Dimitri as to why this alpha risks his pack to get Gillian back?
Will Dimitri and Gillian become mates?
Will who is responsible for trying to kill Dimitri's wolf be found out?
What role does the witch Ilsbeth play in this game?
How many key players will die in this book?

You will have to read it to find out! Not all is as it seems deep in the bayou, and you will see many characters from the past books show up, which is nice to see them all interacting. Kym Grosso's epilogue also leaves a big cliffhanger for the 7th book!

I really have enjoyed all these books written by Kym Grosso and as each book is written and published, they just get better and better. It is nice to see the tremendous growth and talent of this author and it has been my privilege to have read and reviewed all her books.Thank you for the opportunity Kym!

I gave this book 5***** stars, and look for ward to many more great reads from this author!

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Dimitri (Immortals of New Orleans, #6)