Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Review by Loraine a Wicked Women Reviewer

Rain Shadow Book 5 (The Barringer Brothers)Rain Shadow Book 5 by Tess Oliver

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review by Loraine Wicked Women Reviewer

Rain Shadow 5 is the last part to the series and it did not disappoint! I am also glad to see that Tess Oliver's new book coming out called Gage is a spin off of this series and will be about the next Barringer brother, Gage.

In book 4, after being hidden up in the mountains of Wyoming, with Lukes's brother Gage and Jericho with them, after seeing how far of a reach Angel's grandfather has, they decide they need to come back home, as Luke is needed back on the job, but he can't bear to leave Angel and Jericho ther unprotected. Things start happening and Luke is more determined than ever to put Draygon Sharpe behind bars for good.

One night while in his father's old office, looking at the bulletin board his father kept with clippings of old unsolved crimes, Luke is horrified to see something that just may be the answer to his prayers about putting Angel's grandfather away for good. It is shocking and that is all I can tell you.

Once again the author has thrown a few twists and turns into the plot to totally shut down anything you may have been thinking about how she was going to end this series!

Will Luke be able to save Angel from the hands of her grandfather, who is more determined than ever to get her back, for reasons unknown to us?

will Cash, Jericho and Angel be able to have a new life, without fear being a daily part of their lives and the threat of being killed at any moment?

What has Luke found out that will change the course of not just his life with Angel, but her life without her grandfather in it?

You will be shocked at the way this book ends, I know I was, and I am so glad I got to read this series, it was awesome, and once again Tess Oliver has written a wonderful entertaining serial that had so many plot twists, emotional angst, love, hate and fear all wrapped up in a book no one will soon forget!

I gave this book 5 *****stars and look for ward to many more wonderful reads from Tess Oliver!

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