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Awakening to You... in Boston (Awakening Trilogy)Awakening to You... in Boston by Fifi Flowers
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Awakening to You ...In Boston is the first of 3 parts in this series. This book may have been relatively short, but the author used it all up delivering a great first volume. This book had a lot of emotional angst, feelings of beginning love, uncertainty, a lot of laughter and a few tears. It ends in a cliff hangar, but luckily the next part will be out on Sept. 22nd.

Sofie James is a set designer visiting in Boston to do a job there, and she loves her work. It has been no easy climb up the ladder as she is fighting to make a name for herself in a man's profession. However her work is excellent and she has finally started getting good work. Sofie is a beautiful woman, and at the age of 31, has had her share of affairs on occasion, but has yet to fall in love. Sofie knows that with a profession like hers, a husband and children is not in her immediate future. One thing she loved about this job is that she has an assistant to help her get things done and it leaves her with a lot of free time to wander around Boston and take in the sites. She quickly learns her favorite little places to go for breakfast, to get a coffee and the Frog park to just sit and watch everyone around her playing and having a good time. Sofie is content at this time.

Enter Drake Blaxton, the senior partner in an architect firm, and he has gone through his life happy with his job, loving what he does and never having much to do with women besides the occasional fling here and there. He is just not committed to a life of having a wife and family. He is a very handsome man that sticks out in a crowd, but he seems completely impervious to it. He is very wealthy, and collects beautiful buildings and does beautiful work with the projects he handles. Drake seems cintent and he basically is until a fateful day happens to him.

A chance encounter brings both of these beautiful people to the same place, the Frog park, one day, and they both subtly size each other up. After that first encounter they see each other many times, hoping for a glance of each other until one day circumstances put them in the same path. After several weeks of pretty much living together it is time for Sophie to leave.

What will happen? You have to read it to find out, but I just have to say this book is beautifully written and their feelings for each other and the way it is described makes you feel like you know these two intimately. Be prepared to laugh, and to cry, to feel happy, and to feel despair - but most of all be prepared for this book to make you...feel, to hope, and to pray...for a chance encounter to be a happy ending.

I gave this book 5***** stars, and am looking forward to the next part! Thanks for a Great read Fifi Flowers, this book rocked my world!

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Awakening to You... in Boston (Book 1, Awakening Trilogy)