Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Review by Wicked Women reviewer Ann Marie

My Soul Immortal (Fated Eternals, #1)My Soul Immortal by Jen Printy

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Stars!

Meet Jack Hammond, he is an Immortal. Jack has been alive for over 170 years now and he misses the love of his life Lydia. Lydia died of an illness one night when she went out looking for Jack. I feel so bad for Jack all he wanted/wants is die and be with Lydia but in all of his years of living he doesn’t know what will kill him. Jack finds himself having to move yet again, this time he settles in Portland, Main. He sees a help wanted ad for a book shop and he goes in to apply. Here we meet Ed (love Ed!!) and we meet Sally (Ed’s girlfriend). So Ed hires Jack and all is well for a while. I love the way these guys interact with each other in this story from the beginning to the end love them!

This is a story of love, love lost and love found again. He thinks he will never love again, but he bumps into a girl and she changes everything for Jack. She has same piercing green eyes as Lydia had. He is all twisted up over her. "I want to not be broken anymore. Bloody hell. What has seeing those eyes in the flesh done to me?" Jack is mess.

Meet Leah she works at the local coffee shop and she is also a student at the local college. She is the one Jack is looking for. Leah is a sweet character I really like her strong and independent. Grady is her brother who she is very close with. Grady is very protective of his little sister too. Leah has been dreaming of Jack forever (he doesn't know this of course). Interesting right?? She dreamt of him!! She is connected to him!! You have to read this!!

Artagan, now he is a character I would love to get to know more about! He sounds very interesting, with his sapphire eyes. He seems to pop up at the most horrible times. But he has a story to him and the connection between him and Jack? Well it is very interesting! I am not going get into the details of their relationship I mean I do want you to read the book. I highly recommend this book! I love Artagan and I love Jack and Leah. The story flows very well I admit the beginning was a bit slow but I promise you; you will love it! What IS Jack? Why can't he die or can he and how? Artagan (*sighs) well I like him. I do. I really like this character and I really hope there is more on him. Wait to you find out who/what he is. There are more characters in this book more Immortals that you will learn about and I know you will love! I cannot wait to read more on them too.

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