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Review by WW reviewer Loraine Oliver

Love in a Small Town (Pine Harbour #1)Love in a Small Town by Zoe York

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review by WW reviewer Loraine

Love in a small town by Zoe York is the first book in a new series that takes place in a town called Pine Harbor. This is the story of Rafe and Olivia, a couple that divorced two years ago, but still love each other desperately.

Rafe and his whole family have always lived here, and Rafe is a police officer, and a part time Reservist in the military. Rafe and Olivia met while he was training out of town, they fell in love and were married in a whirlwind of a few months time! When they go back to Rafe's hometown, the trouble starts and between his mom's interfering, Rafe always working and being sent to training, which leads to little or no time for Olivia, trouble brews. Eventually, Rafe is resentful of Olivia always wanting time from him he can't give her and tells her she is too needy.

This is the final nail in the coffin so to speak, and after a couple of weeks of no communication, Rafe asks Olivia if she wants a divorce. Olivia feeling this is what Rafe wants, says yes, They get divorced, however thy are both still crazy in love and the next two years are spent with them bumping into each other and Rafe eats at a diner Olivia works at a few times a week. One morning Rafe shows up at the diner with a woman, who is wearing his flannel shirt, and Olivia is cut to the quick, and Rafe realizes that something that is so innocent is so damning in her eyes, attempts to explain but she refuses to listen, At this point Olivia decides its best she move on.

Rafe is desperate to keep her in town, and she is desperate to leave, and so she starts planning on what to do. One day while working at the diner her dream job lands in her lap, a chance to be a liason for a film company that wants to film in the town, the only problem being that she will have to remain there for another 6 months, however the job is too good to pass up so she takes it, with the plan to get ready while she is working.

After working for her new boss,Olivia decides to start dressing the part of a successful liaison, and her boss shows up with other members of the crew, they have a town meeting so all the citizens will know what is going on. Afterwards they go to the diner and Rafe sees Olivia interacting with the new people and how lovely she looks with her hair down instead of her signature pony tail, and he gets upset, she looks and sees him, and knowing he is upset she introduces him to everyone, and she realizes that Rafe really does still love her,that maybe she should have hung in there with him. Rafe on the other hands starts leaving notes for her in her screen door and on his 4 days on and 4 days off routine, and she is secretly charmed by this.

What will happen between Olivia and Rafe, will they start communicating better? Will their love be enough to get them back together? Will Rafe be able to tell his mom to stay out of his business, and will she? Will Olivia now that she has something to occupy her time, realize that Rafe loves her, do they stand a chance?

After a terrible thing happens in town, that affects both of them in the worst way, things come to a head. Read this book to see what happens, you will be so glad you did!

This is the first book I have read by Zoe York,and I loved it! I love her style of writing, and how smoothly the words move down the page to give us a great read, filled with all the things we readers like to read and later think about-romance! There is a lot of emotional angst that adds to the book and a couple of bumps in the plot to keep it interesting. Also keep a few tissues nearby, for the parts that will make you feel sad, happy, or just frustrated! Do not throw your kindle!

Thank you so much Zoe York for a great first book in a series that I know I will be reading! I gave this book a 5 ***** star rating and can't wait for the next book to come out!

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