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A Window to Love by Fifi Flowers Chapter 3

A Window to Love by Fifi Flowers...
This book contains sexually explicit material and is intended for adult readers only.

Chapter Three


We finally made our way out of my apartment. It was a cool, crisp,
beautiful sunny day; blue skies, no clouds in sight. We headed over to Evan's
apartment to pack a weekend bag for him. I still could not believe this
gorgeous man wanted to be with me. I knew it was just a weekend fling, but I
never had weekend flings. Right now all I could think was, who cares! This one!
This man! Ooh la la. I wouldn't trade our time together for all the champagne
in Paris!
Let's walk bébé. I only live a few blocks from your apartment.
We're practically neighbors?I asked in a higher than
normal tone and Evan laughed.
Yes, close enough to walk. I've been past your building on many
occasions. I like to jog in the park, and your building is on the way. That's
how I knew where you lived. I saw you one day coming out of your building and
heard you speaking with your doorman.
I didn't even know you knew of me,shaking
my head, puzzled by his words.
I've seen you at several photo shoots for McDimel-Sanders.
You noticed me?I asked in a surprised
Evan stopped
walking, turn
ed us face to face, cupped
my face with his strong yet gentle hands and tilted my face, so I am looking
straight up into his intense blue eyes. Bébé, you are gorgeous. How
could I possibly not notice you?He placed a tender kiss on
my lips before taking my hand and hurrying us down the block towards his
apartment building.
As we approached his building, his doorman
stepped up to greet him as he reached for the door and let us into the lobby.
The apartment building was very modern, totally opposite of the architecture of
my building. We rode the elevator to the top floor. As we stepped out, I saw two doors and realized that half of the top floor was his. As I entered the open space, I was overwhelmed by breathtaking views of the
Hudson River in the distance through floor to ceiling glass. The furnishings,
like the building, were very modern. Like my place, there were no family photos
on display anywhere. Unlike my place, it was decorated for Christmas. Pale blue
poinsettias were set around the base of a Christmas tree that was covered in icy
blue ornaments and silver garland.
Your place couldnt be
more different from mine.
My parents purchased this apartment as their city getaway. There
are two master bedrooms. I have one, and my parents have the other, and there
are two standard size guest rooms for my sisters. My parents have a very
traditional home upstate complete with the family portrait and knickknacks.
They wanted this apartment to feel like a hotel with some comforts of home. My
dad always insisted that my mom accompany him when he has to come into the city
for meetings with his business partners. Although, in the last few years they
havent spent
much time here.
What kind of business is your father in? Is he a hot older model
like you?I asked as I grinned and
winked at him.
ed. Hes involved in property development. In fact, my
father has taken my modeling earnings and invested them in various proprieties
over the years and enhanced my lifestyle immensely.
Not interested in speaking about money, I
changed the subject. You said you have sisters,
how many?
Two. The older one is married with two children. Her husband is
also in property development and sales. My younger sister finished college two
years ago. She has successfully launched a line of designer handbags and
recently opened her own showroom in the city. She lived here for awhile, but
she has a man in her life now and has moved in with him. So, its mainly me that uses the
apartment. Come on, I'll give you a little tour.
Taking hold of my hand, Evan showed me around
the apartment. The furniture throughout was ultra modern, straight-lined and
sleek in monotone shades of blue and grey with a few pops of colour in
decorative accents. Finally, he took me into his bedroom. He had a wonderful
view from his room. The room did not really feel like him except for a few
masculine vintage grooming items, including a cuff link collection.
This room doesn't really strike me as your style.
My mother had a designer do the whole apartment. It's just a place
for me to sleep. I travel a lot. My parents or sisters usually show up when I'm
Hopefully they don't pop in and surprise you when you are
entertaining a woman.
Melissa, you're the first woman I have ever had here,he retorted abruptly.
I shouldn't have said that. It's none of my business. It just flew
out of my mouth. I'm sorry,I apologized quickly, and
he turned me to look into his blue eyes.
I'm serious. You are the only woman I've brought here. I didnt want the others thinking
there would be anything more between us than a little fun. Im not a relationship guy.
Anyway, I simply dont have
time. A big majority of my time is spent in hotel rooms and airports. My travel
schedule is crazy.
I didn't like to think of him with other women.
I knew he'd been with several as his face appeared regularly on TMZ. And I also
knew he didn't stay with his women for long according to the tabloids. I knew
our time together was limited to this weekend, but for these couple of days
together, I wanted him to be mine.
Evans phone started ringing and he ignored it. When
it signaled a voicemail had been left he looked down at his phone then over at
me, Bébé, I need to make a few phone calls. You want to relax in here a
Lying back on his bed. No problem, I didnt get
much sleep last night,I said with a mischievous
smile on my face.
He walked over and gave me a seductive kiss
that made my heart skip a beat, Dont expect much sleep the rest of the weekend.he said as he walked out of the room. I giggled as I watched him
leave the room.
I mustve been more tired than I thought. One minute I was lying on my
stomach looking out the window, and the next minute I woke up under the covers.
Evan must have placed me between his silky midnight blue sheets. Still sleepy
but uncomfortable, I took my clothes off, tossed them on the floor and fell
back to sleep, hugging one of his pillows. It smelled like Evan; a mixture of
citrus, sandalwood and nutmeg. Miam MiamYummy!
After I wrapping up my phone calls, I returned to my bedroom and
stopped abruptly as I noticed all of Melissa's clothes on the floor.
Quickly I removed my clothes, pulled up the
covers and her gorgeous ass was the first thing I saw.  And I couldn't help but nip one of her
delightful, round, firm, cheeks. She wiggled a little making me grow even
harder. With Melissa lying on her stomach, I nudged her legs apart, fitting
myself between them. Reaching up, I grabbed a couple of pillows, gently lifting
her hips, putting her body at the perfect angle. As I slowly slid into Melissa,
I heard her whimper as she moved her tight ass higher in the air.
Slowly I moved in and out of her, continuously
licking and nipping at her back, shoulders and neck. Turning her beautiful head
sideways, I captured her lips softly licking and nipping at them.
Oh Evan. That feels incroyable. I've never felt anything like
this. Oooooh mon dieu.she whispered against my
I love making you feel
good, b
ébé,I whispered back,
capturing her mouth, devouring her with kisses.
The intensity was too much. I knew I wasn't not
going last much longer. Breaking our kiss, I
pulled out of her. Melissa protested with a low whimpering, Nooooo.
Holding tight to her waist I pushed back inside
her with short, shallow strokes of my shaft. Hitting that special spot as I
moved in and out of her. She was breathing harder. She was panting words I could not make out. I wasn't sure if they are in English or French.
She tried to push back into me, wanting more and she whisperedpleeeeasethrough her gasps. Still
gripping her waist I filled her and heard, oui oui oui, monsieur.I continued the deep plunge, speeding up my movement and she cried out, oh mon dieu.I could feel Melissa's pussy start to spasm, tightening around my
cock and I joined her, coming inside of her, chanting her name.
I let myself fall over her body. As I began to
catch my breath, a thought formed around the edges of my spent mind and body.
All at once I pulled up with a start. I felt Melissa tense at the same time as
we both realized I have forgotten to wear a condom.
Shit, shit, shit!I said as I heard Melissa
shout in French.
Merde! Evan! I'm not on the pill!She
yelled pushing me off of her.  As she
rushed to the bathroom, I heard her muttering in French under her breath.
By the time she came out of the bathroom, I'd
already put my pants on, and I was sitting on the edge of the bed with my head
in my hands. Reaching out,
I grabbed her arm and pulled her onto my lap.
I could see the colour had drained from her
face, and tear-stained streaks were visible on her cheeks.
Bébé. I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to stay in you for more than a couple of strokes, but you felt so
good and your moans clouded my mind. I know thats no excuse. Oh, Melissa...I'm so sorry.I held her tightly, gently caressing her hair.
I can't believe we were so careless,she
said softly as tears ran down her face.
Wiping her tears, I presssed my lips to her
cheek, Bébé, I had a physical a month
ago, and I haven't been with anyone since, and I've never had sex without
protection. So many firsts with you, ma cherie...
Turning her head, Melissa's worried eyes looked
into mine. A baby, Evan. I'm more
worried about being pregnant.
Her eyes had turned an unusual shade of muted
blue as if worry and doubt have pulled a veil across them. They held mine,
unwavering, filled with questions. A large lump formed in my throat as I told
her, Whatever happens, we will deal with this together.
Melissa lowered her head, bringing her hands to
her face, shaking her head, Together? Together?and almost inaudible she whispered, We're
not even together.More tears slid down her
beautiful face.
I could feel my heart breaking seeing her so
upset; hearing those whispered words. I lifted her head, and I kissed her
forehead, trying to reassure her, Bébé, it's going to be
alright. I'll be thrilled to have a little one like you running around.And as these words left my mouth I realized the thought of having
children with Melissa was not all that scary.
You say that now...
Before she can say another word, I silenced her
with a finger to her lush lips. I wont abandon you, Melissa. Well handle this together.My voice was steady and surprisingly strong as I said that. I knew
what I had just spoken was the truth. I held her tightly in my arms, kissing
her, hoping my kisses would reassure her. She responded by wrapping her arms
around my neck, deepening
our kiss. I want
ed to take her again, but
I knew that this was not the right time, so I made a small joke to relieve some
of the tension that had come between us, As much as I would rather
keep you naked, I don't want anyone to see you naked in the restaurant. Shall
we get something to eat, bébé?
Lifting Melissa off my lap, I set her on the
bed, and gave her another kiss before gathering our clothes from the floor. As
I finished dressing, I
ed her out of the corner of my eye. I watched
her face for signs that I hoped would tell me she believed me. My God, I have
never wanted anything more in my life. My life with her. A life, any life...
with her.
With my overnight bag in one hand and my arm
around her, we headed out. Stopping at the front desk, I had my bag delivered
to Melissa's apartment building before we stepped out onto the chaotic, busy
sidewalk and headed towards Charles and the car.
The drive to lunch was quiet. Evan held me
close at his side, and I snuggled into him with my head on his shoulder. He
smelled so
Are you sniffing me?he asked. I laughed but
didn't reply, and he kissed the top of my head sniffing me back and I smiled. I love the way you smell... like jasmine flowers,he whispered in my hair and my heart skipped a beat.
If only I could reverse the last hour we spent
entwined together, this would be a perfect
afternoon. As if he could read mind, he softly told me, This is what I call a perfect day, spending time with you.He was partially right, being together did feel perfect. Realizing
there was nothing to do at this point and truthfully there could be nothing to
worry about, I decided to push my weary thoughts to the back of my mind and put
on a smile. Turning in the seat, I placed a quick, soft kiss on his gorgeous
mouth and received a big grin in return, Mmmm, I like that, bébé.
Arriving at the restaurant, Evan guided me to
an intimate corner table. From across the table I smiled as I looked into those
dreamy blue eyes. He reached for my hand, brought it up to his lips then slid
them lightly across the inside of my wrist. That move made me tingle and melt
inside. You
look beautiful,
he said then adding, You look better than anything on the menu.
With a raised eyebrow, I innocently replied, Well, you cant eat
At that remark, he gave me a wicked grin, and I
laughed as he suggested, Lets order, Im starving.
Looking at the menu I mused, It all sounds delicious. I want to try one of everything.
After a few minutes of his own intent study of
the menu, Evan insisted we share a few of the dishes then signaled the waiter
to our table. He ordered humus and tabouli with pita bread, lamb kebab over a
bed of rice, a cucumber salad and a bottle of Greek red wine.
While enjoying our delicious array of
Mediterranean food, the tension between us eased and the conversation began to
flow. We laughed and talked about a wide variety of topics including
questioning each other about our childhoods and our families.
You mentioned earlier that your parents live upstate. Did you grow
up there?I asked as I dipped a warm
piece of pita bread into the humus and popped it in my mouth.
No. When I was a freshman in high school, my parents decided to
leave the city. As soon as I graduated high school, I came back to the city to
attend college and never left, except for traveling for modeling assignments.
Did you always want to be a model? Did you major in modeling
sciences?I giggled.
Chuckling he told me, Definitely not. I was studying advertising and marketing. During
my last year of college, I was in Florida for spring break. A modeling agency
held a contest on the beach, and they asked me to enter. After a lot of
prodding from my buddies, I entered and won. I started working on ad campaigns
that summer and Ive been
busy ever since.
What, no wild parties? Drunken brawls? High school sweetheart?
That all sounds too calm for you. Or did you get the bad boy reputation when
you started modeling?
He laughed.
I had some fun in high
school and college; no real steady girlfriends, all-boy high school and I
played sports. In college, I liked a lot of girls and did my fair share of
partying.Flashing me one of his
winning smiles, he made my heart hum. What about you? Upstate
all your life? Siblings? High school sweetheart? Wild parties in college? Tell
me all your dirt.I loved that wink he gave
Only child. Upstate all my life until I left for college to study
art. I was very focused in school, not really interested in the boyfriend
thing. I was a bit shy, but in college I blossomed.I giggled as I rephrased, Or I should say a Lily
entered my life. She brought me to life and got me into trouble. Not big
trouble, but she did drag me to parties and introduced me to wild boys. Never
anyone serious. Lily said there was no time for just one.
Hmmm. Im not
sure I like hearing about your sleeping around,he
commented with a furrowed brow, and I laughed.
Really? Well, Ive
never made it into to the tabloids with my love life.I gave him a sideways glance with a smirk on my face.
They do make it seem like Ive been very involved. Dont believe everything you read. Besides, were talking about you now. I think youve shocked me that you
didnt have
the high school or college sweetheart. You seem the relationship type.
I never had a serious relationship until after my parents died.
When I started working at McDimel-Sanders about five years ago I met a junior
advertising executive. We started dating, and within a short time he was asking
me to marry him. I was so lonely, I thought why not marry him even though I
wasn't in love with him. Lucky for me, I overheard him talking to a co-worker;
telling him how he couldn't wait until we were married so he could join a golf
club and quit working. He had heard I had inherited a large sum of money and
thought he hit the lottery. Unlucky or lucky for him, I was standing with Sam
McDimel at the time, and he was later offered a position in another office. It
all ended very badly. Since that dating experience, Ive given up on romance.
What about now? Us? Our romance?
I tilted my head, leaning my chin on my fist, looking at him; biting the
tip of my thumb contemplating his question and how to answer. Do I tell him the
truth? Do I make a joke? What do I think about us? I think I need to guard my
heart, prepare for the worst, and enjoy whatever time I have with him. I
decided to settle for a light answer. I think its been delicious so far.
And speaking of delicious, Im dying
for dessert, preferably something French.
Nice way to avoid the question.He
smirked at
After a delectable lunch, sharing bits of our
lives, we visited a little patisserie owned by Evans friends for dessert and coffee. Once we
finished our sweet treat we headed back to my apartment.  Stopping first at the reception desk, we
picked up Evan's bag and then headed up. In the elevator, Evan pulled me into
his arms. Melissa, do you trust me?
I really need you to trust.
I looked up into his very serious face. Yes, I
trust you.I did trust him. I barely
knew him, but I did trust him.
Arriving at my door, Evan
ook my keys and unlocked the door. Before I can
walked in, he cupped my face and kissed me deeply, making me moan. There was
nothing better than kissing him. I could do it forever!
Hold on to me, bébé and keep your eyes closed until I say you can open them.I did as he instructed and let him guide me inside. Why is he
doing this? Did he do something that I didn't notice before we left?
Evan walked straight ahead leading me into the living room. Melissa, I want to make you happy. I hope you realize this is for
you, not to make you sad but to make you happy. I want you to have new
memories, a fresh start with me.
Suddenly my breathing became irregular. My
chest tightened. What has he done?
He kissed me again, holding me tightly in his
arms before he turned me around keeping my back to his chest. Open your eyes, bébé.
When I opened my eyes, my breath caught in my
Breathe, bébé” he murmured softly in my ear.
I gasped as I looked at the most spectacularly
decorated Christmas tree that had suddenly appeared in my living room.
A few tears slid down my cheeks. Oh Evan. C'est magnifique!
In front of the left window stood a ten-foot
Noble Fir tree with twinkling white lights. Red plaid ribbon floated around the
tree from top to bottom. Atop the tree was a sparkly, ornately cut out gold
star. Red, gold, and cream glass balls were
sprinkled throughout the tree. Gold angels, musical notes and fleur-de-lis
ornaments hung playfully from various branches.
It smelled wonderful. I leaned in and inhaled
deeply and wondered, How did you do this?
Your apartment staff was extremely helpful. I called and explained
to them what I wanted to do, and they were excited to help. Then I called the
store that had the tree you loved so much. I spoke to the manager and he got
one of their window designers to come over and decorate your apartment.
I turned around to take it all in. There were
poinsettias in the entry and on the dining table. It looked like Christmas had
been delivered to my apartment.
All the phone calls you were making, those were to do this for me?
Yes, bébé. All for you.
I threw my arms around his neck, bringing his
lips to mine and kissed him with full force.
So I'm not in trouble? I did okay?He
asked holding me tightly in his arms gazing lovingly into my eyes.
It makes me a little sad because it brings back memories, but
everything is new. I'm amazed that you would do something like this for me.
Merci beaucoup, monsieur
I love making you happy. Lets make a fire, open a bottle of red wine, put on some music,
snuggle up and enjoy the tree,Evan
id as he nuzzled the side of my neck.
Mmmm, count me in.
Then he slapped me on the ass. Let's get comfortable first.Picking me up along with
his overnight bag, he walked into my bedroom.
You know I can walk.
I like carrying you, bébé. I can walk and kiss you at the same time," he said pressing
his lips to mine, and I loved it!
Briefly, we got sidetracked while attempting to
change into more comfortable clothing. It was hard to resist this man.
Eventually, we headed for the kitchen. Im excited to spend another evening with Evan. I loved the idea of
cooking and relaxing with him. Entering the kitchen, I saw bags on the counter.
What is all this?
I had some items delivered to make dinner for you.He kissed my forehead. I hope thats okay with you?
You cook more than breakfast? Im impressed.
I live alone. I better know how to cook more than breakfast. A
person can only eat so much take-away. My mom is a good cook. She taught me the
basics. Besides, I already told you that I have a friend that is a chef. He has
given me some good recipes and cooking lessons over the years.Evan wasnt kidding when he said he
knew how to cook. Later in the evening he prepared a delicious fish dish and
paired it with a delightful white wine. It was nice to eat in the dining room
complete with candlelight. Quite romantique!
You never told me what you would do to the dining room.He stated in a
questioning manner.
I love the lighting. I actually picked it out along with the
dishes in the cabinet. Actually, all of the dishes were my choice.
That all makes sense. They look like you.
I don't like this table. I'd prefer a round table and chairs with
an interesting pattern. This is all too traditional and stuffy. My mom's
interior designer picked it out, I think, with my parents in mind. She had good
intentions, but it's not for me.
Clearing the dishes, Evan disappeared into the
kitchen. Returning with some kind of chocolate dessert, a bottle of red wine,
two glasses and one fork. I could see that I was going to be fed. He was so in
charge and yet, I loved it. Lets sit in the living room and enjoy your new
Christmas tree.
Thank you again. The tree is beautiful.
beautiful Melissa.He slipped a piece of
chocolate into my mouth, but before I could swallow it, his tongue invaded my
mouth. He moaned, and I melt like the delicious sweet treat. I loved being
wrapped up in his embrace. I felt safe. Happy thoughts rushed into my head. What are you thinking about, bébé?
Nothing. Just admiring the tree.
Looks to me like you are thinking about something that makes you
I nodded my head, yes. Im not
going to ask you to share, dont worry. Ill tell
you what Im
thinking about. When I was little, my parents took me shopping for our
Christmas tree. I was so excited. It is my first memory of getting a tree. On our
way, we stopped to see Santa Claus, and I said no, I dont want to talk to him, I want to get a tree.My parents told me dont be afraid of him. I wasnt afraid of him; I just
really wanted a tree. Anyway, they pushed me into the queue and when I finally
reached him, I climbed up onto his lap. He asked me what I wanted for
Christmas, was I am good boy all year. My only answer was I want a Christmas tree.He asked anything else, and I said no, thats it. He laughed as I slipped off his lap and
wandered back to my parents. They asked what I asked Santa for, and I told them
I just want a Christmas tree. My parents love to tell that story to this day.Evan laughed.
He made me smile. Now I know why you are adamant about me having a tree. Merci
beaucoup. This has been a parfait evening. The only thing missing is music.
Hey bébé, I've been meaning to ask you. Do you play piano?
Did your parents play piano? Was it theirs?
No. I bought it. I always wanted a piano. And no, I don't plan to
take lessons.Laughing. It's just for looks.
Without saying a word, Evan grabbed my hand and
walked me to the piano, pulled out the bench and sat down. Patting the bench he
implored me, Sit next to me, bébé.
Music filled the room. My mouth fell open in
amazement. You play beautifully,I said as Im
thinking, is there anything he can't do? This man of many secret talents: I
wanted to spend a lifetime learning something new about him every day. I am
surprised at the variety of music he could play; classical, old standards,
popular tunes and even some Christmas songs that we sang together. As we are
laughing and having a great time, he turned to at me with a
sly grin on his face and started playing music that sounded perfect for a
Give me a show, bébé,he purred.
For anyone else, I would have been embarrassed.
But not with him. I gave him what he asked for as I let my inhibitions float
away. Climbing off the bench, I stood just out of his reach so he could see me
as he played. With my eyes partially closed, I started my sexy private dance
for him. I began to slowly roll my hips as my hands moved over my breasts then
down my sides and between my legs. I paused for a moment, touching myself then
pulled my cami up over my head revealing my hardened nipples pressing against
my pale pink bra. I heard Evan make an unmistakable groan of desire that built
in the back of his throat before escaping his lips, Youre
killing me, bébé.
I slowly slipped off my French terry boyfriend
pants. Stepping out of them, I kicked them in his direction, and he laughed.
Spinning around, wiggling my bottom, I reached behind and unclasped my bra and
twirled it in the air, then tossing it in his direction. An audible moan
escaped his lips. Swaying from side to side with my hands over my breast, he
continued to play the piano watching me with a wicked look on his face.
Once I started sliding my panties to the floor,
Evan abruptly stopped and lunged for me. In one quick move, he scooped me up
and carried me to the sofa.
I laughed as he threw me down, You know maybe I should learn to play the piano and you can do a
striptease for moi!
Oh bébé, you dont need
to play the piano. Ill give
you a show anytime you want,he whispered, pulling off
his heather grey sweat pants. Pausing, he quickly disappeared down the hallway.
I loved watching that hard ass walk through my house. In seconds, he returned
to me. No more mistakes, bébé,he said softly before capturing my mouth and thrusting his hard
cock deep inside me.
Merci beaucoup, mon cher
was all I can whisper all
night long.

A Holiday Window in New York City

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