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A Window to Love by Fifi Flowers...Chapter 5 Free!

A Window to Love by Fifi Flowers...


This book contains sexually explicit material and is intended for adult readers only.

Chapter Five

Throughout the night, in between sexy time with my gorgeous man, I
kept having the same dream play out in my head. Each time, the dream continued
a little further. Ive had
this reoccurring dream before, and it was always the same. Plain and simple, it
was a sex dream and it always ended with me having an amazing orgasm in my
sleep. The room was dark. I couldn't see clearly. I could only hear sounds;
jazz music playing in the background, and a breathless conversation. I could
not make out exactly what was being said or who was saying it, but I knew the
language was French. There were two bodies twisting and moaning, entangled
together. I sensed an incredible orgasm building, only to wake with Evan's hand
between my legs caressing me in the most delicious way. I squeezed my thighs
together trapping his hand right where I want it.
Mmmm, in a perfect world I would wake up this way every morning,I softly moaned in a sleepy voice.
I heard you moaning in your sleep. I thought I could be of some
assistance. Anything for ma cherie.
brought my dream to life, monsieur.I moaned. Pushing into him
wanting more, I begged softly, I want to feel you in moi.Evan growled, slowly slipping inside me, and I breathlessly
purred, Oui
oui oui. Don
t stop. Sooooo good, mon cher monsieur.I twisted and rotated my hips, meeting his thrusts.
He groaned,I love
when you moan in French, bébé.He thrusted faster and
deeper, and I arched up into him. You
feel so good, b
ébé.Suddenly, he slowed his
rhythm, intensifying the sensation of his cock sliding in and out me.
Evan. Pleeeease Evan. Faster.He moved with a little
more speed. Ooh mon dieu. I need to
come, monsieur.I panted. Harder! Faster! S'il vous
His pace quickened. Come for me, baby. Right
he growled into my ear. My walls started
tightening and pulsing around him. Mmmm. That's it. Milk my
I had no problem doing exactly as I'm told.
Maybe I should stay right here all day.Putting the back of my hand to my forehead, I feigned a dramatic
sigh, I think I feel a fever coming on.
Evan started laughing, I wish we could too, but
we both have work to do. Let's get up and shower.
Mmmm. I like our showers together.I bit
his lip and then climbed out of bed.
Evan slapped me on the ass as I moved to the bathroom. He quickly followed
me. You have become so naughty, bébé.
After a quick shower together, I got dressed
and double checked my bags to make sure I had everything I needed to spend a
few days with Evan. I'm looking forward to four more days of hot sex with him.
Ooh la la. I couldn't imagine that that would be enough. How will I ever go
without his delicious body tangled with mine? My body constantly craved him.
I sighed as I zipped my bag shut and headed
into the kitchen to make coffee and a light breakfast. We ate quickly at the
kitchen island, and then we were out the door to a waiting car. Greeted by
Phillip and Charles we popped into the backseat. I snuggled up to his side, and
he pulled me onto his lap. I loved the yummy kisses he gave me on the way to my
Too soon we pulled up in front of McDimel-Sanders Building on Avenue of the
Americas. Evan helped me out of the car, and I received one last
earth-shattering kiss. Floating across the sidewalk, I smiled at the enormous
nutcrackers stationed in front of every square concrete pillar of the
cantilevered entrance to the building. I loved how the modern, glass skyscraper
was transformed during the holidays. My mood was elevated as I breathed in the
pine scent of the decorated Christmas trees displayed above the revolving-door
entrance. I practically soared up to my office on the thirty-third floor.
It was early when I walked into the art
department, and it was empty and quiet. I dropped my purse next to one of the
two large drafting tables in the office space I shared with my co-worker and
good friend Jane. As I removed my coat, I caught a whiff of Evan's scent and
breathed it in deeply before hanging it on a nearby rack. I then set about
making a pot of French roast coffee. While waiting for the coffee, I turned
around and faced the large discovery board on the opposite wall. The board was
filled with photos, magazine clippings, fabrics, and colour wheels, all meant
to inspire ideas for ads. As my eyes flitted around, I was drawn to a photo of
Evan, and I had an overwhelming urge to draw.
I poured some café crème into my Café de
Flore coffee bowl, a gift from my dearest friend Lily. As I passed by the large
drawers that held all of our design supplies, I grabbed a few sheets of smooth
drawing paper and took them back to my desk. My desk was covered with coloured
pencils, markers and watercolour paints as well as several preliminary sketches
for storyboards. Whenever I could or when the mood struck me, I loved to doodle. Jane called it art and told me to stop wasting my talent working on
storyboards that brought other people's ideas to life. She insisted on many
occasions that I should show in galleries. Personally, I thought she was a bit
biased; they are only sketches hardly what you would call masterpieces worthy
of being exhibited. However, she had planted thoughts in my head of maybe one
day turning these doodles into larger works of art, but only for my pleasure,
not for public viewing. They were private drawings of my surroundings;
interesting objects and people that captured my attention. They were not
portraits and often they are not complete figures, but rather studies of body
parts. My current fascination
was with the elements that made up the face.
Sitting at my desk, smiling to myself, I began
sketching and lost myself in my drawing of Evans lips. My smile faded quickly when Jane walked
in and began to bombard me with questions.
Why didnt you
tell me you were leaving the party on Friday? I was worried about you. Last
time I saw you, you were pretty tipsy. And then I hear that you took off
walking, refusing to take a car home. Are you crazy?
Last I looked you were wrapped around some hot guy bumping and
grinding. True dirty dancing moves. I was waiting for you to be lifted in the
air at any moment.I laughed.
He was pretty hot, wasnt he? But dont change the subject. We
are talking about you!
I was fine. I took a stroll by some holiday windows.
You are crazy!
Well, if it makes you feel any better someone followed me out of
the party.
Tall, dark and handsome, I hope!
But of course. Who else would be following me?I attempted to make a joke of the situation, but seeing the look
on her face, I added, As you can see, I made it
home safely.
You're not getting off the hook that easily, my friend. I'll tell
you my story, and you tell me yours. We'll compare hotties!She laughed.
I joined Jane laughing, watching her seductive
eyebrow raise and smile, Fine, you go first.Im
hoping Jane will be so focused on her party antics; I will slide under her
radar. Oh how she loves to share her escapades with me.
My plan works just as I had hoped. Jane
launched into her story about her holiday party hottie and just as she was
about to hold me to my end of that deal, we were interpreted by Sam McDimel, and
Jane was called away. I loved Jane, but I was not ready to tell her all. Soon
but not yet.
Jane and I met at McDimel-Sanders Advertising
four years ago and became instant friends. We were the only two women in the
art department, and we made a good team. When she started, I had just ended a
bad relationship and she was all about having fun. She filled my life with
laughter. At the end of our first week working together, Jane insisted we go
out for some champagne to celebrate. A girl after my own heart, as champagne is
always my drink of choice. Jane was gorgeous; tall and thin, yet shapely in all
the right places with auburn hair and blue eyes. Men were drawn to her beauty,
but she was so much more than a pretty face. She was witty, smart and kind. She
was forever trying to fix me up, but after my last experience I refused to jump
back into dating. I always worried that anyone I dated would be more interested
in my inheritance than me. I wasn't willing to take a chance. I wanted to keep
a low profile and yet here I am involved with a male supermodel. Go figure! But
not to worry. Sad to say this little tete-a-tete with Evan would be brief. At
least he was extremely attentive for the moment.


Throughout the day, I received multiple texts from Evan. They
started out simple and sweet, but as the day wore on, they got more and more
suggestive. I was trying to be calm and not giggle too loud. The smile on my
face was hard to hide.  Luckily, Jane was
in and out of the office most of the day and I didn't have to explain my
< Hey bébé, I can smell you on me. It's driving me crazy. I can't wait to be
inside you again. >
< You NOW have me tingling all over... Mmmm!
< I'm having a HARD time being away from
you. >
< You really should stop teasing moi. I do
not have a spare pair of panties with me. >
< Are you wet for me, bébé? >
< DRIPPING! I guess I could go without
panties. >
< GROWL! Keep those panties ON. Ill rip them off as soon as
I get a hold of you! >
< Purrrrrrrr! >
< You are in for a GOOD fucking, bébé. >
< Hyperventilating. May need to relieve the
pressure before I see you. >
< Is that a COMMAND? >
< Damn right it is! >
< You are very controlling, MONSIEUR! >
< Ooooh. I like that MONSIEUR. I may need to
hear that later. >
< Monsieur, I kindly ask that you stop
texting for the rest of the day. My breathing is irregular, and I fear I may
pass out! >
< I will leave you breathless when I'm
between your legs. >
< Ooh? Having a difficult time sitting still
at my desk. Would like to wiggle on it as I am not to touch myself. NO, I won't
do that. I'm sure you won't ALLOW that orgasm either ;) >
< That is CORRECT. You will be properly
relieved with mouth, hand and! >
That was the last text I received. I was happy
but sad they had stopped. At least I was able to get some work completed.
Happiness came again at the end of my workday when I saw Evan was
waiting for me in the lobby with a wicked grin on his beautiful face. Once in
the car, our lips were connected with tongues aggressively exploring each
other's mouths. I was hoping we would be heading directly to his apartment, but
Evan insisted we go out to dinner first. I'm not sure why he was making me
suffer, but he had never disappointed me in the sex department, so I was sure
it would be worth the wait. I was shocked that the wait continued when we got
back to his place.
Sit on the couch and relax. Ill get you a glass of wine.He was particularly commanding tonight. The anticipation was
making me crazy with want.
As he was walking toward me, his phone rang and
I looked down to see the name Isabelledisplayed. I knew I shouldn't have looked, but I couldn't help
myself. Evan answered it immediately and sat across the room from me. I grabbed
a Elle Decor magazine out of my bag and started flipping through it.
Hey, Ive been
trying to get a hold of you. When did you get back in town? Ive missed you too.
Really? Im sitting right here.
Ooooh. That sounds great. I cant wait to see you, gorgeous.
What the fuck!
Lets get
together Friday mid-morning. I have a commitment through Thursday that I cant get out of, but after
that, Im all
yours or actually you will be all mine.
Wow! Something lined up as soon as I leave for
work. Man-whore!
perfect. You know there is no one like you. I have big plans for us on Friday.
Make sure you have plenty of energy. Yes, you will definitely need it. Well be going at it
non-stop, gorgeous.
Breathe. Dont get emotional. Stay calm. Hes not yours. Hes told you all along he
doesnt do
relationships. He has plenty of women. He only asked you to spend four more
days with him. Make the most of them.
Turning my attention back to his conversation,
I wished I wouldnt have
as I heard the next words that came out of his mouth.
Yes, the weekend. A getaway is what we need. Cocktails on Saturday
night and the rest of the weekend indulging in playtime. You know me best. Youre right. Some things
never change.
Okay. Thats it. I cant handle anymore. He really is an arrogant
I tossed the magazine back in my bag, down the
whole glass of wine in one gulp, got off the couch, walked to the kitchen,
poured another glass of wine and headed for his bathroom. I needed to stop the
flood of angry tears and the thought of throwing up if I heard another word of
his conversation with his next hook up.
Im not
sure how long I had been in the bathroom when I heard a knock on the door.
Bébé, you ok?
Dont bébé” me, Mr. Asshole Playboy!
Yes. Just freshening up. Be out in a second.
Pull yourself together. You have four days to
give him something to miss.
I washed my face, took my hair down, added a
little shimmer to my lips and walked back into the living room having changed
into short lounge pants along with a tight t-shirt minus a bra.
Mmmm. Time to make you come, bébé.He was on me before I
could reach the couch. I was stiff in his arms, I was trying to relax and
forget his conversation, but I was finding it difficult.
Pushing away from him, I moved to the other end
of the couch. Looking up at the ceiling as I was thinking back on Evan's phone
conversation, I wondered about the woman on the other end of the phone. Their
exchange seemed so familiar, like a relationship, yet he said he never had
relationships. Was she just a friend or was she someone he didn't want to tell
me about? One minute I had high hopes for this affair and the next they were
dashed. I could handle not knowing some things about him, but I wanted to know
if he was telling me the truth about past relationships.
I was wondering if there has ever been anyone special in your
life. Someone you thought about having a relationship with?
He looked at me with a faraway look and
hesitated before answering. Maybe one.He was definitely thinking of someone. The look in his eyes was
intense. They were dazzling. The blue had turned a mesmerizing shade, more
breathtaking than I had ever seen when peering into his gorgeous face.
Suddenly, I felt extremely jealous. Whoever this woman was, by the look on his
face, she obviously held a special place in his heart. I hoped it wasn'tIsabelle.
What made her so memorable?I asked, not actually
wanting to know.
Biting his lip, he let out a little laugh. She left me.
I take it no one has ever left you?
never let anything start.
But you did that time?
No, not really. It was a brief encounter and afterwards she never
contacted me.
Why didnt you
contact her?
I gave her my information, but I didnt get

My stomach was in knots looking at his face as
he recalled the memory of a woman who touched him deeply. Sometimes, I think she wasnt real. Maybe it was just a dream.He
laughed, shaking his head like he was ridding himself of the vision. What about you? Anyone that made your heart pound?
Hmmm…” as I thought to myself:
Besides you right now?
Come on, Melissa.  Tell
me... was there a magical prince? A knight in shining armor?
Well, that is the dream. Every girl wants the fairy tale.That is
ingrained in us by way of childrens
I found myself staring off, rambling on. Hmmm, how does it go? She attends a fancy ball, falls into the
arms of a prince and they live happily ever after.I turned away from Evan. Thinking wow, I hadn't thought about that
night in a long time.
Since youre
here, I gather there was no riding off into the sunset?
No. Theres no
such thing as a fairy tale ending. The princess ran away, and the prince was
never to be seen again.Remembering the events
surrounding that encounter, I added, The kingdom was destroyed.My eyes glazed over, tears were about to spring forth, and I
tilted my head back to stop them. Girls are silly. We are
forever looking to be rescued.I laughed, making light of
our conversation, pushing my mind out of the past. We keep kissing frogs in search of the prince, seeking our one
true love.
Do you think Im a
He raised an eyebrow, daring me.
I giggled. Im not sure. Kiss me.



Melissa makes me crazy. I can't keep my hands off her. I wanted to
touch her constantly. I liked my cock buried deep inside her. I missed her
I had her down on the floor, fucking her mouth
with my tongue. Pulling away from her mouth, I started sucking and licking her
I'm going to taste all of you tonight, bébé.
I couldn't get her top off fast enough. I grabbed
the bottom and ripped the shirt in half exposing her luscious breasts. Melissa
gasped. Then shes
moaned as I grabbed both of her tits abruptly, kneading them and pinching her
nipples, they tightly pebbled between my fingers. I moved back and forth sucking
one while pinching the other. She was breathing hard and moaning my name.
Evan. It feels sooo good. Oh mon dieu. Please dont stop. Evan.
I moved down her body nipping and licking every
inch of her silky skin, making my way to her beautiful pussy. I ripped off her
sexy littles pants and she shivered. She moaned my name loudly with the first
sweep of my tongue on her clit.
Mmmm. You taste like candy. Tasty. Sweet. Delicious. Oh so sweet,
I swiped my tongue up and down her moist folds.
Please. Evan.Melissa rose up into my
Relax bébé. Not yet.I continued flicking and licking her folds, and then sucked her
clit into my mouth.
I could hear her panting. Please. Evan. Pleeeease.
Wait bébé. Almost.
I inserted a finger, sliding against her front
wall as she moaned. I rewarded her with another finger connecting to just the
right spot while still sucking her clit. I fucked her faster with my fingers as
she started
to lose control. I c
ould feel her walls start
to tighten.
Oh mon dieu. Pleeeease
Evan. Pleeeease I want you, monsieur.
You will have me, but first I want you to come for me, bébé.
Panting, Melissa bucked her hips and screamed
my name and something in French.
jolie, bébé.I whispered to Melissa.
Leaving her sweet spot, I crawled up her body.  Plunging my tongue in her mouth, I rolled
onto my back and pulled her on top of me. You like to be on top,
don't you, bébé?
Oui, I love riding your big cock,she
whimpered as I slipped into her tight, wet pussy.
Mmmm. Melissa. Are you going to start talking dirty to me?
She threw her head back laughing, riding me
like she's possessed. She was saying things I couldn't imagine her ever saying.
I flipped her onto her back, pinned her hands above her head, put one of her
legs on my shoulder and slammed into her, screaming her name as her walls
pulled me in deeper, contracting around my cock. I was coming so hard.
Once our breathing was back to normal, I picked
her up and carried her to my bed.
Bébé, youre so
hot. I love having you in my bed.
Melissa kissed me softly on the mouth and
snuggled on my chest. I can't believe how I feel about her. I've never felt
this way. Not ever.

A Holiday Window in New York City

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