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A Window to Love by Fifi Flowers...Chapter 6 FREE

A Window to Love by Fifi Flowers...

This book contains sexually explicit material and is intended for adult readers only.

Chapter Six

The next morning as usual Evan was already up. Wanting to look my
best before I see him, I wandered into the bathroom and pinned my hair up.
Filling the bathtub, adding some aromatique bath salts, I slipped into to the
warm water and felt goddess-like. Let the games begin. Time to entice Mr.
Supermodel. Once bathed, shaved everywhere and towel dried, I slathered lotion
all over my body. Dabbing parfum on the back of my neck, extending my eyelashes
with a little mascara, glossing my puffy lips with a luscious ripe shade of
red, I felt like a minx ready to pounce. I brought the sexiest work clothes I
had. I dressed in a fitted, grey pencil skirt, dark tights, pump heels and a
white lace push-up bra with my hair in a messy bun.
I walked out to the living room carrying my
white button-down blouse in my hand; I draped it over the back of a chair. Evan
looked delectable sitting on the couch scrolling through emails on his tablet.
He was wearing a tight, midnight blue, long sleeve t-shirt, low-slung faded
blue jeans with bare feet. His hair was tousled; a few loose long, wavy
strands resting on his forehead. His facial stubble was rather long and a bit
scruffy and his looked
ed sexy. I had yet to see him look undesirable.
When he looked up in my direction, his mouth
You look like a naughty librarian, bébé.  Please tell me you will
be wearing that blouse over your bra.
Laughing, Of course. I just don't
want to drip coffee on it.
With a little nervous clearing of his throat,
he motioned, There's coffee and fruit
in the kitchen.
Knowing I had an audience I moaned dramatically
then giggled, Mmmm. Fruit.Looking at Evan I saw him narrow his amazing blue eyes at me. I giggled more as I
sauntered to get breakfast.
Pouring a cup of coffee, I grabbed a banana and
then sat in a chair across from Evan.
Turning back to his tablet, he informed me
casually, Hey, bébé, Im a little busy this morning. Is it okay that I don't ride to work with you?
Trying not to look or sound disappointed I
answered decidedly upbeat, Sure!
Then I took my time peeling the banana skin down, waiting until I know
I've captured Evan's attention. Slowly, I brought the banana up to my mouth,
licking my lips before gently touching just the tip of the banana to my mouth
then wrapping my lips around it. I let out a little
whimper. I looked up through my long lashes to see Evan watching me, I took a
bite, closed my eyes and a little yummy noise came from my throat. Im going to drive you wild
these next few days. You will never want to leave me. I hope!
I took a few sips of my coffee, inhaling, Mmmm. So good. J'adore
cafe cr
ème.I licked my lips.
I looked over at Evan's lap. His arousal was visible. It was obvious my
yummy noises and my display of affection to the banana had enticed him. He was
still staring at me, but not saying a word. I decided to up the game. Turning
back to the banana, I stuck it in my mouth as far as I could then pulled it
back out halfway, licking it very suggestively, and then bit off another piece.
I thought I could hear Evan groan. I snuck another peek at him, and sure enough he was still looking my
way. I started to direct my attention back to the banana, but stopped, tossing
it on the table. Dropping to my knees, I crawled over to him. I reached up to
the top of his jeans, unbuttoned them, and pulled the zipper down. He lifted up
for me to pull his pants down his thighs. I loved that he didn't have underwear
on. So sexy. I put my hand around his beautiful erection, wrapped my lips around it and sucked him deep into my throat.
Evan reached down and ran his fingers through my hair, moaning, Melissa, bébé. You're such a naughty girl.I
ed up into his blazing eyes. Our eyes lock as I
gave him a long lick up and down his shaft and sucked the tip of his cock. Mmmm. That's so good, bébé.
With him deep in my mouth, I sucked and swirled
my tongue until he exploded. I loved getting him off with my mouth. I swallowed
his come and licked him one last time then without a word, I got up, grabbed my
blouse, put it on, buttoned it up, walked over to Evan gave him
a deep kiss and then walked to the door. Turning the handle, I gave him one
more look over my shoulder and popped a piece of gum in my mouth. See you later. Have a good day. Hope you miss me!I giggled strutting out the door. My ass wiggling playfully is the
last thing he sees.
As soon as I was in the car, I received a text
from my man.
< I'm thinking I might give you a spanking
when you get home, dirty girl. >
< Promises! Promises! > I smiled to
Once I strolled into the art department my
smile evaporated when I saw that everyone was scrambling in all directions.
Apparently, the clients who Evan recently shot a campaign ad for wanted to
expand the ad with a few other male models. Usually this is our slow time of
the year when we wind down and close for two weeks during the holidays, but
these clients wanted a test shoot before the end of the year. Our talent
coordinator was frantically trying to book three models for the shoot that had
been scheduled for tomorrow. Fortunately, whatever project Evan was working on
had allowed him to be available for the shoot. One down, three models to go.
As soon as I saw Jane, she shoved a sketch pad
into my hand and whisked me into a meeting with our whole creative team. We
worked from original storyboards and drew up new concepts for sets and props. By
the time the workday ended, my fingers were
practically numb, I was exhausted, and I could hardly wait to flop on the couch
with my sexy man.
As Im thinking about cuddling in strong arms, right
on cue I received a text.
< Hey bébé, I'm waiting for you in the lobby. >
< Be right down. Need to slip my blouse back
on. >
<You really ARE getting a spanking! >
When I stepped off the elevator, I was so happy
to see that gorgeous face.
We were so crazy busy today that I never had lunch. We were frantically
getting everything ready for your shoot tomorrow. So you better feed me because
famished. You owe me, monsieur!
Oh bébé, you shouldn't go without eating. Let's get something before we
get home. Or we can get something delivered and get you home to rest. Any other
way I can repay you for all your hard work?
Delivery and a bubble bath sound divine. HmmIm sure
you will pay me back properly. Or better yet inappropriately!
Works for me, bébé.Evan nipped my bottom lip.
How was your day?
Busy. I had errands to run and then I did a crazy work-out for the
shoot tomorrow.
Evan ordered us food as we drove to his apartment.
Walking into the apartment, I headed to the
bathroom to run a bath. The food arrived, and we ate in the tub.
I've never had dinner in a tub, I told
the naked man eating with chopsticks across from me.
I like it.And with a wicked grin, he
added, It's the perfect location
for dessert too.


The morning of the model shoot, we were both rushing to get
ready to go to work. I took a little extra time with my outfit. I selected a
fitted midnight blue button down vest dress with leather straps that crisscross
in the back. I had a white blouse underneath. I left it unbuttoned enough to
see cleavage. My secret weapon for today; red push-up bra, matching thong,
thigh-high stockings with red garter belt and red high heels.
I thought Evan was going to have a heart attack
when he saw a hint of my garter straps as I slipped into the car. Melissa, what the hell do you have on?
Stockings,I stated innocently. Smiling into his gorgeous face. Staring
straight into his now darkened blue eyes. I receive a wicked look with a raised
We rode up the elevator to the same floor as
the art department and studios were close together. We didn't say a word to
each other and went our separate ways when the elevator opened. I knew from
previous photo shoots, Evan was very serious. I respected that and treated him
as I would on any other shoot.
Hey Jane. Are you ready to drool today?I laughed.
Are you kidding? Four hot guys scantily clad who I must stare at all day? I'm so ready!
Jane always made me laugh. She talked trash to
me, but once she was in front of clients or talent she was extremely
I need coffee. No time to grab a cup at home.
Well, grab it and let's get going. Lots of tension on the set
today. By the way, I noticed you've been dressing a little different lately.
You look H-O-T!
If you only knew what I've been up to, I smiled
to myself.
Like youre one
to talk.I pointed to Jane wearing
a very tight, just above the knee, black long sleeved, jersey dress with white
cuffs and a plunging neckline, showing off her cleavage. Every outfit you wear screams S-E-X!I
retorted and then changed the subject, wanting to move away from anything
having to do with sex. Why do I need to rush?
They want us hands on today. I'm hoping they mean it literally!Jane laughed hysterically, wiggling her eyebrows and winking at
I thought this wasn't the actual shoot. I was under the impression
they would just be doing some test shots.
They want to work on several ideas. This will be an all day
pre-shoot. Decisions for the actual shoot will be determined by the client from
Well then, Im going
to need an abundance of coffee.
I grabbed my coffee, and we walked into the
studio with sketch pads, layout boards and client notes. We went over
everything with the director, lighting, set designers and camera crew. Jane
wandered over to hair, makeup and wardrobe, checking in with everyone. I knew
she was thrilled to have her hand in working with the models and their
I was busy with the setting when the models
came in. I'm not sure how I'm going to handle working with Evan. I've obviously
worked around him in the past, but I wasn't having sex with him then.
I could feel eyes on me. I could feel the hair
on the back of my neck raise up and my nipples harden as I smelled him close to
me. My breathing became irregular. I wanted to grab him, pull him to the
nearest storage closet, mount his cock and ride him. I moaned softly as I
imagined him inside me.
Melissa. Melissa. Hello Melissa.My
fantasy ended quickly when I heard Jane calling me.
I took a couple of deep breaths, ran my hands
through my hair and composed myself. Sorry Jane, I waswhat do you need?
Will you get the sketches from the last shoot, girlfriend? We need
to do some match up.
Yes, of course.I replied, briskly walking
out of the studio. I was quite happy to get away. As I was walking, I heard an
unfamiliar voice say nice ass.I shook my head, laughed and continued to my office.
For my lunch, I grabbed a salad and water from
the caterers
spread, and headed to my office to eat. Jane was off with the models making
sure that they had everything they needed for lunch.
She was also making sure that there was an area
for them to do sit-ups, push-ups and weight lifting; all necessary to pump up
their muscles up for the perfect shot. None of these things were in her job
description, but we were all multi-tasking today. Jane was thrilled when she
had the opportunity to work on all elements of the shoots. She was happiest
when she was working on the production end of things rather than the storyboard
production alone. Jane's true passion was working in film. She loved when she
got to work on videos and commercials. I was sure one day she would leave me
for the film industry; she was just waiting for the right opportunity. Today
she was happy to work with the male models that were on the shoot as she has
her eye on one of them. Thankfully its not Evan.
Just as I was finishing up my lunch, Jane
walked in with her lunch and sat down across from me. She had a strange look on
her face.
What's wrong Jane? Is there a problem?I asked apprehensively, not sure I wanted to know what was
bothering her.
Yeah, my best friend Melissa is a bitch!Jane announced. She folded her arm across her chest and tapped one
sexy high-heeled toe on the floor. Her gaze bore into me as she awaited my
Caught off guard and completely stunned, I
asked, What? What did I do?
Still standing in her stern pose, she answered,
It's not what you did. Its what you didn't do. Like how you didn't tell me you were hitting
the sheets with Evan Duke.
I spit a mouthful of water across my desk. What?I
ed as a deep blush colours my cheeks.
With hands on her hips and in the same
accusatory tone Jane continued on, Oh, don't play that
innocent shit with me. Evan was letting the other models know that you belong
to him.
What?Placing my face in my
hands, I shook my head in disbelief. This was not how I wanted Jane to find
Jane sat down across from me, face to face. Apparently, one of the models said he would love to fuck your
tits. Evan told him that would never happen.
What?I shook my head again.
This was not good.
Leaning forward with her elbow on my desk and
her chin resting on the back on her hand, she waited for details, imploring me
to answer, Will you stop saying
'what' and spill the beans?
In an attempt to prolong the inevitable
conversation I asked about the little confrontation between Evan and the other
model. Is everything okay with
between them now?
Yeah. The guy said, 'cool, you're a lucky dude!' But, I don't care
about them! Well, except for the one I will be having a drink with tonight. I
care about you! So tell me your story and don't leave out any of the 'good'
We don't have much time for all the details, but I'll give you a
quick run down.
Still blushing and stammering a bit I told Jane
the basics and a few good, juicy details.
Janes mouth hung open in astonishment. Oh my gawd, Melissa, I can't believe you could hold that in. If I
fucked him, I would be shouting details to anyone that would listen to me. He
is hot hot hot!
Laughing, I'm sure you would. I was
a bit leery about telling you about Evan until I was sure it wasn't a one night
stand. Well, you know after enough champagne I would have told you about the
one night stand, too.
Jane put her hands to her heart and laughed, It sounds as if Ive
rubbed off on you, girlfriend. Youve done me proud!
Youre terrible, lets get back to work. Story time is over,I said pushing her out of our office toward the studio.
Back in the studio, the models were laughing
and joking with each other waiting for direction. My heart raced a bit when a
certain gorgeous model gave me a wickedly yummy grin. I smiled and turn away,
focusing on my storyboards. Within minutes, everyone returned to the studio,
and the energy was up. Film began to roll, and the action was non-stop until
the photographer was satisfied.
As the day was drawing to a close, I headed
back to my office to finish up some last minute sketches. Evan quietly slipped
in, walking up behind me, whispering in my ear. Now
it's you and me time. I don't have to concentrate on not having a hard-on every
time I see you walk into the studio.
I laughed and whispered back. Mmmm. I had to have a talk with my nipples today every time I was
near you.
He gave my ear a quick nip, I wish this was one of your beautiful nipples. I cant wait to make you come
I bit my lip and moaned, Mmmm. I will hold you to that promise.
Let's go home, bébé, I need you wrapped around me,he said
with his wicked grin.
I want to touch you so badly, I don't think we will make it home
before I jump you,I said flashing him a sexy
innocent smile and then hurried to get my things together.
While I grabbed my purse and coat, I noticed
Evan looking at the sketches I had done of him that were scattered across my
desk. He seemed interested, but he didn't ask me about them. We walked to the
elevator together, again, not speaking to each other. We kept up our
professional facade but as soon as we were in the car, Evan raised the glass to
give us privacy. I'm sure Charles knew what were up to, but I didn't care.
Evan undid his pants. I pulled my dress up around my waist, showing off my
garters. I heard a big growl as I straddled him, and instead of pushing my
panties to the side and entering me, Evan ripped my panties right off, pushed
them into his pocket and impaled me. We were both so worked up thrusting at
each other that we were climaxing in record time. Evan's mouth was on mine
stifling our cries of ecstasy.
While I was still straddling Evan, he nibbled
my neck and whispered, Dinner, mademoiselle?'
His voice was so sexy even the simplest words
made me moan, Oui. I'm starving now. Lets go some place yummy and
dark since you destroyed my panties.He winked at me.
I giggled and squirmed on his lap, and he
growled, Mmmm.He wrapped his hand around the back of my neck, drawing me closer,
deepening our kissing, I like that I'll have
better access to you under the table.
Oh my naughty, sexy man…”

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