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A Window to Love by Fifi Flowers...Chapter 7 FREE

A Window to Love by Fifi Flowers...
This book contains sexually explicit material and is intended for adult readers only.

Chapter Seven


It's Thursday.  Tonight is
our last night together, and I was thinking I better make it a good one. Evan
took me to work, and I dressed in my naughtiest outfit yet; fishnet stockings
with the seam up the back, a black pencil skirt with a high side slit, probably
not appropriate for the office, but what the hell, I was feeling bold. On top, I wore a tight black cashmere sweater with a plunging neckline. A
leopard print push-up bra and matching thong rounded out my outfit. Yes, he
caught a glimpse of my intimate apparel as I finished getting ready.
If you would've put that outfit on yesterday for the fashion
shoot, I would've made you change. I might not have been able to stop those
guys from climbing all over you,he said with a raised
You're so funny,I giggled. Rising up, I placed
a little kiss on his cheek and added, It's just an outfit.I giggled again and turned around to the bathroom mirror and
applied some lip gloss to kiss-swollen lips.
Evan quickly moved up behind me, bending me
over the grey concrete counter and in one swift move he lifted my skirt, pulled
my leopard thong to the side and thrusted deep inside of me. Moaning, I lowered
my head, closing my eyes and he gruffly commanded, Open your eyes, bébé; I want you to watch me fuck you.
My picked my head up, and my eyes met his in
the large beveled mirror. I was watching his gorgeous face as he slammed into
me over and over in a claiming fashion. The look was intense, serious as he
leaned over me with our eyes still connected and he bit me hard on the
shoulder, leaving a mark. In a moaning voice, I screamed his name.
Reaching around me between my legs, he pinched and rubbed my clit telling me to come. I was panting wildly,
contracting my muscles around his huge, hard cock. As Evan came inside of me he
growled, Youre mine, bébé. I don't want anyone touching you or even thinking about touching
I loved what he just said, I'm his. Oui, I am hisIm hisand without warning my thoughts shifted and it hit me. Im only his until tomorrow,
and then I will be kicked to the curb for Isabelle.No, stop, I whispered to myself, and I pushed that thought from my
mind as quickly as it arrived.
I assured him that he had nothing to worry
about, The only one that will see
me today is Jane. I don't think she has any interest in moi.Easing out of me, Evan kissed my back and instructed me, Just to be safe, keep your coat on all day and then I will feel
better.I laughed at that request
as I readjusted my panties and skirt.
As Evan zipped up his pants, he told me, Lets get going. I have to be
on site today. Ill pick
you up after work and take you some place special for dinner before I get you
home and take you every which way.He gave me a wicked grin
and spanked me on the ass.
Havent you
already done that, monsieur?
Im only
getting started, bébé.He pulled me in for a deep
sexy kiss before we headed down to Charles and the waiting car.
We arrived at my stop. I climbed out of the car and then leaned back in to
give Evan a passionate kiss before I wandered off. I put a little wiggle in my
walk on my way to the building. I knew he was watching because I immediately
receive text.
< Looking for a good spanking, bébé? >
I laughed and kept walking.
The day flew by uneventfully. Evan texted me a
couple of times to let me know he was really busy and would text me at the end
of the day. As the workday wrapped up, I was looking forward to tonight and to
making every moment count.
During my lunch hour, I popped into a lingerie
boutique to purchase a little something for our sexy time. Mmmm, my last night
in those strong arms and I couldn't wait to see him. Taking my hair down, I
added some mascara and lipstick before spraying some parfum on the back of my
Getting ready for lover boy?Jane teased me.
Yes, I'm going to give him a night to remember.I'm suddenly giddy with anticipation, then my bubble was burst
when I received a text from Evan.
< Hey bébé. I can't pick you up tonight. Need to meet with someone. Not sure
when I'll be home. >
My mood took an immediate dive. Thinking why
prolong the inevitable, I sent him a text. There was no need to be alone at his
< Ok, I'll just head back to my apartment
tonight. >
I received an immediate text back. < NO. I
want you in my bed tonight. >
Well, I was not going to sit in his apartment waiting all night. I
decided to ask my funfriend to be my partner in crime. Jane,
let's go out and get drunk tonight. My treat. Unlimited champagne.
She could see I was upset and didn't question me. You don't have to twist my arm. I'm in, girlfriend!
I texted Evan back with my plan. < Going out
with Jane. >
Another immediate text popped up. < Charles
will take you wherever you want to go. >
I turned to Jane showing her the text, Good news, we have a driver.
That perked Jane right up, Woo hoo! Let's leave now! I feel like getting tipsy!
I texted Evan back. < Can you have Charles
come for us now?  Or we can pop in a
taxi. >
He responded quickly. < Charles will be
there in five minutes. Have a good time bébé. >
I was suddenly extremely annoyed and ready to
get into some trouble with Jane. < Oh. Don't worry. I will. >
< Be careful, bébé.
> I decide
d not to respond to his last text.
Jane and I headed out the door to our waiting
car and I greeted Charles with Bonsoir,giving him the address to a French bistro in the East Village.
Lucien was a
quaint restaurant I ha
d been wanting to try, and
there was nothing like a French dinner to cheer me up. Seated comfortably by
the front window, the cork of our first bottle of champagne was popped. I love
that my dear friend knew something was definitely wrong, and instead of asking
me a million questions, she set about making me forget my woes. Shes known me long enough to
know that I would tell all when I was ready. In the mean time, getting champagne-happy
was the first thing on our agenda.
What are we toasting to, mon amie?I asked Jane.
To which Jane exclaimed, To great sex!
I'll drink to that!I said clinking my glass
to hers, Cheers!
We laughed while dining on filet mignon
smothered with bleu cheese and pomme frites between sips of bubbly. My friend
had fabulous stories to tell, she was so animated. I was not sure she was a
behind the scenes girl, I could see her in front of the camera, but she
insisted no way. The company, along with the food at Lucien, proved to be as
good as I anticipated, however, it was a romantic place, and I was thinking how
I would love to share a crème brûlée with a certain handsome, blue-eyed man. We were having such a
great time. I was not ready to go home yet, and since I hadn't heard from Evan
I asked,Jane, what do you think
about hitting a nightclub and dancing off our dinner?
I like this Melissa tonight!Jane answered giving me a high five. Let's
get our dance on, baby girl!I laughed when she called
me that.
We were still laughing as Charles helped us
into the car. He looked quite serious, and I was almost afraid to tell him
where to take us. Charles, we want to go to
a nightclub.
He responded very matter of fact, Yes, Ms. Bennette.However, before he pulled
away from the curb, I noticed he texted someone. I wondered if we are ruining
his evening. Oh well, I didn't plan to go home and wait for Evan like some
subservient pathetic girl. I was just about to tell Charles that we can take a
cab when he announced, I have just the spot for
you girls.
We pulled up in front of The Standard Hotel. We
hurriedly said our goodbyes to Charles then stepped out onto the sidewalk where
a long queue to get into The Boom Boom Room, the club on the hotel's eighteenth floor, had already formed. Just as we are about to head to the end of the
line, a bouncer walked over and escorted us past the line and into the lobby.
With a bit of a slur, Jane said, This night just keeps
getting better!
We took the elevator up to the loud crowded
club. As I felt the beat of the music, I knew this was exactly what I needed.
Jane and I headed right out to the dance floor. The music was wild, and we were
shaking our asses all over the floor. After a few songs, we headed over to the ornate
bar that curved around a massive art nouveau installation that looks like a
massive explosion of gold and glass. A young hot bartender leaned across the
bar to us and asked with a wink, What can I get you pretty
Jane gave him a big, sexy smile, and I yelled in her ear, What do you say another bottle of champagne?
She drug her attention away from dreamy
bartender and gave me a thumbs up and yelled, Bring
it on!
I laughed and point to the drink menu and
selected a bottle to order, Give us bottle of Cristal
champagne and two glasses, please.
Let me get you a table, and I'll have it brought over to you,he said and then said something into his headset.
Promptly, another man approached us and showed
us to a table with a large couch. There were floor to ceiling windows that gave
way to a spectacular view of uptown New York and the East River. The lights of
the city were truly breathtaking and once again my heart ached to share this
with Evan. Moments later, our champagne was delivered, and the first glasses
poured. Jane and I lifted our flutes and laughed as we toast to good friends.
After a couple glasses of bubbly, I was feeling
even more melancholy. Suddenly, Jane grabbed my hand and hoisted me
to my feet insisting we dance. Could she see my eyes filling with tears through
the strobe lighting that flashed, painting the room a brilliant shade of pink?
Whatever the reason, the distraction of music and dancing was a welcome respite. My smile returned once we were back on the dance floor. The club was decorated
with enormous round mirrored Christmas ornaments that cascaded from the
ceiling. The DJ was spinning techno-Christmas music, and Jane was trying to
show me the latest dance moves. All of this made me laugh. She kept me on the
dance floor for what felt like hours and finally I begged her to let me
rehydrate with some champagne.
We returned to our table to find our bottle of
champagne was empty, so we signal for our person. Someone drank all the champagne! I think we will require another
bottle.The server looked at me
and chuckled. I continued, Yes, I know I'm going to
feel terrible in the morning if I drink more, but who cares. Besides, I'm
getting dumped tomorrow so please bring another, please.Quietly he started speaking in his headset as he walked away.
Jane tugged on my arm, asking me, Melissa what do you mean
you're getting dumped tomorrow?
Suddenly, I realized I was really drunk. Before
I knew it, I was jabbering away although, at one point, Im not sure Jane understood me because she gave
me a funny look. After what felt like forever, our waiter came back with two
designer bottles of water. He looked intently at us as he again spoke into his
What the fuck? We ordered champagne.I
covered my mouth shocked by my own words. I couldn't believe that came out of
me. I was usually not so rude.
He replied politely, We're working on it, miss. Sit tight.He hurried away avoiding any further discussion.
Jane, I think they're cutting us off. Tell themtell them we did not drink that last bottle.I pleaded with her.
Oh Melissa, dont worry
about it,Jane slurred slightly. Lets go
dance, and if it's not here when we come back, fuck them. We'll find another
place. Come on, girlfriend,she said pulling me to the
dance floor once more.
We were dancing wildly and laughing as I tried
to match her moves. The next thing I knew, Jane's latest hot model was wrapped
around her. Not wanting to be a third wheel, I started to walk off the dance
floor, but Jane hung onto me until her man locked her into a hot and sexy kiss.
Her grasp on me lessened, and I was being pushed through the crowd by the other
dancers. As I was trying to get back to our table strong hands gripped my hips.
I attempted to slap them away, but they had a firm hold on me. My breathing
became erratic, and I was starting to panic when I heard a familiar voice in my
ear. I've got you, bébé. Dance with me.
I turned around to see Evan looking gorgeous in
a pair of black slack, a crisp dress shirt and waistcoat. He was so dapper and
I was so happy to see him. Throwing my arms around his neck, I pulled his lips
to mine. He pulled me tighter to him and I pushed my hips into his hard cock.
He danced with me, swaying me to the music, grinding against me. I melt into
him, loving the meshing of our bodies. After a few songs, he maneuvered me in
front of him and guided us off the dance floor toward our table. Let's go home bébé,Evan growled as he runs
his hands up and down my hips. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my ass.
At our table, we found Jane and her hot model
draped over the couch engaged in another lip lock. I disrupted them long enough
to tell her I was leaving. As we headed for the exit, I remembered I didn't pay
for the champagne and didn't want to stick Jane with the bill. Evan I need to close our tab.
He didn't stop but guided me into the elevator,
Don't worry, it was already taken care of, bébé. Do you think I would let
you go to a club where I didnt have
Surprised, I tensed up. You had people watching me? The two men that were constantly
speaking into their headsets?
Of course. Youre
important to me, bébé,he said before giving me a
chaste kiss.
As we headed outside, the cold winter air hit
me in the face, and I realized how drunk I was. Thankfully, Evan had a firm grip on me and helped me into the car.
Hello, Charles,I slurred.Thank you for bringing us
here; we had so much fun, even if you were babysitting me!
My pleasure, Ms. Bennette,Charles
ed softly.
Arriving at Evans apartment, he gently shook me awake and then
scooped me up into his arms. I wrapped my arms around his neck, burying my face
in his chest and he carried me directly to his bedroom. He helped me remove my
clothes then tucked me into bed before handing me a bottle of water and some
aspirin. Quietly, I thanked him, Merci.I choked back the tears that wanted to flow.
My heart broke in two when I heard him say, This wasn't the way I planned to end our time together.The tears came. I rolled away from him. I didn't want him to see
my face.
Evan didn't say another word. He just took off his clothes and climbed
in behind me. A sense of relief overcame me when he molded his body against
mine and hugged me tight.
Oooh. I felt like shit when I woke up. I drank way too much last
night, and today I was going to pay for it. The throbbing in my head almost
drown out the pain in my heart, knowing I would be saying goodbye to Evan this
I moved as fast as I could into the bathroom to
get ready for work. I found that Evan had set out more aspirin and a bottle of
water on the counter for me. I took a quick shower, brushed my teeth, fixed my
hair into a ponytail, applied a little make up and packed up all of my
toiletries into my bag. I had one last sexy, fun outfit for my workday, but it
didn't matter. No clothing could make up for my drunken escapade last night.
Unexcited, I got dressed, gathered my clothes and packed them up.
Rolling my suitcase into the living room, I
heard Evan call out, There's some coffee and
baguette for you in the kitchen.
Merci. I mean thank you,I said quietly as I walk
to get my breakfast. I passed on the baguette, not sure that I could swallow
past the lump in my throat and poured a cup of coffee. From the kitchen, I
could see Evan.
I watch
ed him in silence for a few minutes as I
gathered myself. Summoning up all my courage, I walked over and sat down across
from him. Reluctantly I asked, Will you be riding to work
this morning with me? If you're too busy, I understand.
Without taking his eyes off his tablet, he
answered in a distracted tone, Actually I have a meeting
this morning so we'll drop you on the way.
I gazed out at the view as I sipped my coffee
and wondered how I could have let myself get in so deep with this man. Even the
hot coffee was not enough to chase away the chill that had come between us this
morning. I whispered softly into my cup, Stupid stupid stupid.
What did you say?I heard Evan ask, and I
realized I said those last words louder than I thought.
I quickly responded,Oh nothing. Just thinking of what I needed to do today.
I finished my coffee, got up to take our empty
dishes to the kitchen and set them in the sink.
As I walked back, Evan was
closing his tablet and standing up, Ready to go?
Yes.I walked to my bag and
started to roll it, but Evan grabbed it for me. We can stop at your
building and have the doorman take your bag up.
I didn't say a word as I was concentrating on
not crying.
As usual, Charles was waiting for us. I climbed
in, and Evan followed. No pat on the ass, no caress. It was over as quickly as
it began.
After a quick stop at my building to drop off
my bag, too soon the McDimel-Sanders building came into view. Evan exited first and extended his hand to help me. The touch of his hand
left me devastated. I reached up and brushed his gorgeous face with my
fingertips. I kissed him softly on the lips. Willing myself not to cry, softly
I said, Thank you for everything.
I'm truly sorry about last night.Before he could respond, I
turned and walked quickly to the building. Behind me, I could hear Evan saying
something, but I didn't stop to listen.
By the time I reached the door, tears were pouring down my face. I rode the elevator up, keeping my head down and my tears shielded
from prying eyes. As soon as the doors opened onto the thirty-third floor, I
went straight into the bathroom to splash water on my face and apply some
I walked into the art department and saw Jane
with her head down on her desk. I see you feel as I do.
Melissa you are no longer my friend. You are a bad, bad, bad
influenceshe said laughing,
grabbing her head. Oh! No laughing today.
The last time I saw you, you were tangling tongues your hot model.
Janes head popped up, and she reprimanded me, Why do you call him that? He does have a name.
Sorry,I apologized. Then
inquired with his proper name, Did you go home with Ryan?
No, but this weekend were going away. He's picking me up from work this afternoon so
let's take an early lunch, grab something quick and spicy to eat and go
shopping. I need some lingerie and sexy clothes. And you could get some to
entice your hot model dude.
I start laughing when she called Evan the model
dude. Better to laugh than to cry. Shopping sounds good,I said with no emotion.
Jane and I worked part of the morning finishing
up our last project of the year, getting ready for our two-week holiday
furlough for Christmas and New Years. By mid-morning, we had a staff meeting to
discuss the photo shoot we worked on this week. We compiled all the artwork
together that needed to be sent to the client along with the photos and videos.
This busy work was a nice distraction, making the morning fly by and before I
knew it we were heading out for lunch. We had sushi rolls with lots of ginger
and wasabi.  Nothing like a bit of
spiciness to right a hangover. With our bellies satisfied, we indulged in some
retail therapy.
Returning to work, we each carried several
shopping bags. Janes date was going to be thrilled
with her purchases or maybe titillated was a better word. My treasures would be
for no one but me. To my surprise the shopping was enjoyable thanks to Jane;
she made everything fun.
The rest of the day I worked on some sketches,
occasionally looked at my phone, hoping for a sexy text from Evan but no such
luck. I was surprised that he ended our time together like this. I know that I
did not leave a good impression with my drunken behavior last night, but I
couldn't believe that that would make him turn away from me so abruptly. Then I
remembered his conversation with Isabelleand mentioning a weekend getaway. Maybe he was already out of town
Earth to Melissa.Jane tapped me on the
shoulder. I'm taking off.I stood up to hug her, and we placed air kisses on each other
cheeks. Pulling away, walking out the door she added, Have a good weekend. See
you Monday.
I nodded and waved at her, You have a good weekend too.
A Holiday Window in New York City

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