Thursday, January 8, 2015

Yours Always by author Rhonda Dennis - Review by WW Reviewer Susan


Yours AlwaysYours Always by Rhonda R. Dennis

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ms. Dennis took on some serious topics with just the right finesse that the story is believable. She did not glorify, demean or beg your acceptance. She lays the story out for you piece by piece, and she does so in a way that you will THINK about this story for a very long time. The quality of the writing is beyond what I had expected and I am so thankful to a friend for recommending it.

Savannah and Fletcher’s story is about two utterly broken people finding each other when they needed someone most. Their tragic lives will tear you open and leave you feeling as raw as they do. Their love is one to remember! A once in a life time experience that will not be forgotten. Take this journey with them and believe in the “signs!” They exist! After reading this book you will feel so many emotions. From horror, to joy. From shock, to happiness. And then to the ultimate loss. But it will give you hope, strength and an insight into being a survivor. It will give you love….what real love is…

This is a story of not just tragedy but of inspiration! We honestly never know what we can survive until we go through it. I found myself at times laughing with the characters, jumping up and down with joy and then the author rips your heart right out of your chest, only to put it back in again, rip it out and tear it to shreds.

Thank you Ms. Dennis, you have renewed my faith in finding excellent writing and finding an amazing story that will stay with you forever!

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