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Kim Carmichael On The Dotted Line Book Review by Michele

Kim Carmichael On The Dotted Line Book Review by Michele






Book Blurb:

A signature can change everything...

Rather than silver, Randolph Van Ayers III was born with a platinum spoon in his mouth and plenty of strings attached. Faced with a list of specific goals he must achieve in order to earn control of his family's banking empire, he's accomplished each task and triumphed. One item remains on his list. He must marry by his thirty-third birthday and stay married for one year. However, when his so-called fiancée leaves him on the courtroom steps only hours before his deadline, he realizes he might lose for the first time in his life, and a Van Ayers never fails.

Taught to rely on the universe for answers, Willow Day has always struggled in the material world, specifically her lack of material. With her small holistic store near foreclosure and without a home, she must do anything within her power to make the business work and take care of the woman who raised her. When the rude, yet gorgeous, Randolph the Third offers to fix all her troubles in exchange for one year of her life, she opens her mind and takes a chance.

It's the battle of the mystical over the money. Between a hidden pet who looks more like a cotton ball, performance artists with wings, and a woman who spouts advice like a living fortune cookie, everything from restaurant reservations to a trip to celebrate the winter solstice create clashes for the couple as they learn how to fit into each other's worlds.

With both their futures at stake, they must learn to accept reality, what the fates have dealt them and the consequences of falling in love from the moment they decided to sign on the dotted line.
On The Dotted Line is a full-length (90,000 + Words) stand alone novel with no cliff-hangers.
Kim Carmichael On The Dotted Line Book Review by Michele

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This is a wonderfully written story about an unlikely pair thrown together out of necessity. They need one another to each get what they thought they wanted and needed. Willow and Randolph couldn't be more different. They have crossed paths several times but have never clicked or so they think.
Randolph is a by the book business man. He has been made to jump through hoops by his father so that one day he may take the helm of the family company. He has been given a stipulation of taking over the corporation.....he must marry by his 33rd birthday and remain married for one year. Randolph is a smart and resourceful man and thinks that he has it figured out until he is left standing alone at the court house on the morning of his birthday.
Willow is a beautiful, sensitive, creative free spirit that has never had a life of leisure. She has had to work hard for everything that she has and has always put others before herself. She has now realized that she is in a tight spot and is on the verge of loosing her home and the business that she has worked so hard for. She has no idea how she will work her way out of this.
Randolph overhears a conversation that is not meant for him about Willow's predicament and comes to a conclusion that may be beneficial for both of them.
Randolph makes Willow an offer that she shouldn't and couldn't refuse.
Can these two unlikely acquaintances find a common ground and make this contract work to both get what they want? They may be surprised to find that fate has a way helping you find your way. If you give it a chance it may give you everything you never thought you wanted or needed!
I loved Willow and her need to push Randolph and frazzle his comfort zone. Is it possible that this contract may become so much more than a business deal to them?
Kim did a great job of bringing these characters to life you couldn't help but fall for them and cheer them on. This story had everything that I enjoy in a book...witty banter, sexual tension, angst, drama, family secrets and a bit of mystery.
~~Michele McMullen~~