Saturday, April 25, 2015

Jasinda & Jack Wilder Captured Book Review

Jasinda & Jack Wilder Captured Book Review
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Life gives you lemons, be the sugar in the lemonade in each others life 4.75
Wow. Umm, my first Jasinda & Jack Wilder book and I am blown away. From the prologue to the epilogue these two amazing authors made every single moment live. I actually walked in the desert with Derek and swam in the pond with Ree. The description and the crackcrackcrack, you'll know what I am talking about will totally grip you by the throat and take over your world. From the war scenes to the love scenes, it all felt real. All I had to do was read the words and I could actually visualize the whole damn thing in technicolor.

Ree is the girl who met the love of her life at a young age, but she fell for a Marine and that my friend is hard. She never faltered, she was supportive and she always loved her man. For all that, she gets her life blown to smithereens. It was hard reading her emotions, especially the first damn chapter. Then you have Tommy, reading about him was hard, it hurt my heart. And then the letter and Derek's part in reading the letter. I cried. It was that hard. It was that real. I felt each character's pain.

The whole letter thing kept me at the edge of my seat. Made me cringe with what will happen when the truth will be revealed cos it always does. Derek made me wanna go and hug him, and tell him it's okay to be the way he was. He didn't need to be strong all the damn time. And this book also gave me an inkling into the lives of all the soldiers that have been at war, year in and out. Fighting for justice, for freedom, for life. And it made me realize that they do NOT get appreciated enough. They do NOT have enough help. And last, it made me incredibly sad to be part of a world that is to date still at war with terrorists. My heart hurts for people like Derek and Ree. I won't tell you whether these two lost souls will find a safe haven in each others arm, but they totally deserve their story to be read.

And therefore I give this lemonade a 4.75 stars