Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Review of Every One of Me by author Jessica Wilde - Wicked Women Reviewer Loraine Oliver

Every One Of Me by Jessica Wilde is a book that really surprised me. While I loved her other books, The Brannock Series, part 1 and 2, this was something altogether different, and I really liked it a lot. I started reading it yesterday and could not put it down!

Tessa Marshall has suffered with multiple personality disorder for many years. Five years ago she just picked up and left without telling anybody she was going. When she did this she left behind a wonderful mother. a good brother, and her best friend through grammar school, and the only man she has ever loved, Charlie. Tessa left because she felt she was a burden to her family and did not want them to have to take care of her and she did not want to hurt Charlie, as she felt she would if she stayed.

Now that she has lived at a place called The Facility,a hospital for all types of mental disorders and realizes what is going on, and that this is going to be something she will have to deal with probably her whole life, she decides to finally go back home. At The Facility this she has met a wonderful person who quickly turns into her best friend- Benny, and they promise to keep in touch. Benny has really gotten to know Tessa and she understands what is going on and is scared for her friend, but she feels going home is better for Tessa, and she promises to visit her!

Going home proves to be more difficult than Tessa anticipates, and when she sees Charlie, she runs upstairs to hide out. Tessa soon finds out Charlie has been waiting for her to come back all these years, he went and even looked for her, and is really upset that the love of his life was gone, so to distance himself from all of this he gets into underground MMA and wins most of his fights and he just trains and trains.

While going to her appointment where her new Doctor puts her under hypnosis to draw out all of her other personalities, when Charlie comes with her, it becomes very apparent that Charlie is Tessa's anchor! What does this mean for Tessa and Charlie?

This book was really well written, and it moved along at a smooth pace. The plot was really good, there were a lot of moments filled with angst between some of the characters, and there was a lot of really well written dialog between all of the characters, which was downright comical at times! Considering the serious issues in this story the dialog rounded out the plot perfectly. While the subject of the book is a serious issue, the author handles it in a very dignified way.

Will Tessa and Charlie be able to have a somewhat normal life together, even though Tessa has 3 other personalities in her head that appear to everyone she loves in the blink of an eye? Will Charlie be able to take care of that little girl he met in grade school and protected all the way up to the day she left and now has returned? Will Benny, after visiting Tessa, decide to stick around to help Tessa, and be there for her, and for another issue that has developed in this plot?! You will have to read it to find out! Do yourself a favor and read this book, you will be glad you did!!

I gave this book 5 stars, because it deserves the 5 stars!