Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Review for Author Christa Cervone, On the Ropes by Wicked Women Reviewer Ann Marie

This story starts off with Gabriel Vega when he was a young child sitting in a court room with his younger brother Jase; they haven't had a great childhood.

Fast forward Gabriel also known as "The Saint" is now at a gym with his trainer Frankie, Frankie has been like a father to him, he is getting ready to spar with his friend Jimmy. Gabriel is a boxer; boxing saved him from the streets. He hasn't had it easy. He was separated from his younger brother years ago he longs to see him again. Gabriel is an excellent boxer with a promising future. He is getting ready for a big fight. This is when he meets Blaine and Salem. Blaine wants to sponsor Gabriel but Gabriel has eyes for Salem.

Salem has been with Blaine it seems like forever. She loves him. At first when we meet her she comes off frosty. But once you get to know her you will come to like her. I have. She has a feeling that Blaine is cheating on her but she never had proof. She goes to a meeting with Blaine one day and that is where she meets Gabriel. She immediately dismisses any advances from him after all she is with Blaine.

Gabriel sees her and he can't take his eyes off her she is beautiful. He then meets Blaine, Blaine is the guy who wants to sponsor him for his big fight coming up and he wants Gabriel to be the face of his new gym TKO. He is introduced to Blaine's girlfriend Salem and his desire stirs even more when she blows him off. He likes her feistiness but there is more and he can't figure out what it is that draws him to her. All he knows is that his desire to have her is overwhelming his every thought.

Will Gabriel reconnect with his younger brother? Will he win over the girl who has taken over his every thought? Will he accept Blaine's offer to sponsor him? Will he win the big fight?

You will have to read this book to find the answers. I promise you will love it it's a great story! The story line here is fantastic! Gabriel has won my heart!