Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Review of Going the Distance by author Christa Cervone from Wicked Women Reviewer Ann Marie

Wow! What an amazing ride I just had. This storyline is so damn good! This is the second book you must read On the Ropes (the first book) before reading this.

This book has touched my heart. Touched my heart in a way that when I was reading it I sobbed. I sobbed because there are things that happen in this book that are truly sad, I couldn't take it but I couldn't stop either. Lately I have come across a few books where it just hits my heart this is one of them. I cried I laughed and I cried (sobbed) some more.

The story line between Salem and Gabriel I love. I love how much he loves her and how much she loves him. Although in the beginning of this book (book 2) we find them separated at first and then love prevails! They realize their love for each other and of course it's not going to be easy for either one. But hang in there guys!

Jase and Gabriel, Jase is Gabriel's younger brother, it was just the two of them until they were separated when Jase was 5 years old and Gabriel was 10; a very sad part of this story is their story. Tragedy hits them; this is where I am going to stop. I don't want to tell you exactly what happens to them but I can assure you; you will cry hell it may even hit home for some people. I love and hate this part.

Gabriel and Frankie we learn so much more about their relationship in this book. Frankie cares for Gabriel as if he was his own son, and hopefully someday he will be HIS son.

Well there are many more people/characters in this book but I don't want to give away anymore then I already have. Please give this book a chance, I love it and I am adding this to my top favorites. I stayed up late reading and I loved every freaking word. Great book! Nothing left unanswered either this author wrapped it all up for us in the end and I truly enjoyed this book.

Thank you Christa Cervone for this great story.FIVE fantastic stars!