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Brantwjn Serrah - Goblin Fires Book Tour

In honor of the Goblin Fires Release, I held an Ask Me Anything over on my Foreplay and Fangs Facebook Page. These are a few of the terrific questions I got.

Q: Why did you call it Goblin Fires?
A: Actually, the original title was "Faerie Lights". I started looking for a new title when it became clear to me that the story was one about the Goblin Court, not the actual faeries. I still wanted to use "Faerie Lights", though, and I wanted the series to have titles that were thematic... so I chose Goblin Fires because of the Court, and because I thought fire was a nice Autumn/Halloween symbol. "Faerie Lights", by the way, will now be the title of Talaith's book.

Q: Which character in GF spoke to you first and what did they say?
A: Reagan. Although, at that time, she was just "The Knight". She remained The Knight for a long time while I tried to work out her exact 'dimensions' as a character. She told me of her longing for Ceridwen, and that she needed me to help them be together.

Q: Why did you choose to write f/f instead of M/F?
A: This one's easy. Reagan is gay. When a character starts forming in my mind, their sexuality comes to me as I get to know them. With Reg, it was easy... she "came out" to me almost immediately. I just always knew that was who she was.

Q: Does it surprise you to find out your character is gay?
A: Not really. Or at least, not in Reagan's case. I have had characters in the past whom I fully intend to pair with an opposite-sex partner, and then they sort of tell me "Nah, that's not me... set me up with that cute elf chick there, now we're talking." Usually I figure this out when they have no chemistry whatsoever with the partner I meant for them. They're not always female characters, either. There's a male character in an upcoming novel who did the same thing to me. I kept trying to pair him with gals, but it wasn't right for him.
Q2: LOL- sounds like a 'Grrr' moment- characters taking over and not doing what you'd like.
A2: Heh, actually the -most- frustrating character that ever bucked my plans for her, relationship wise, was straight. She refused to be with the guy I planned for her and ran into the arms of another man instead. It was so much harder for me to accept that than to accept characters who tell me they love someone of the same sex.

Q: Where did you get the idea for The Morrigan and Unbridled Knights?
A: I've always liked the legend of the Morrigan, Celtic Goddess of War, and the D&D goddess called the Raven Queen. I'd been wanting to find a way to work such a character into a story: Goblin Fires seemed the best place. I had to set the Knights apart from other fae, too, and I thought making them "half-human" was cliche. Creating a fifth faction of wild, "Unbridled" fae—fae who don't owe their alliance to any court—threw a twist into the social order of things in Thairy. It created a reason for the Knights to be bound by contract, and an unpredictable factor to use as I liked.

Q: Are you one of those authors who uses people in their novels like to kill off? The whole be careful not to make an author angry or she'll harm you in her next novel type thing....
A: Probably 80% of my characters are based on people I know. But oddly enough, I've never been able to channel characters after people I dislike. I've had a lot of moments where I've thought it about someone or another—"I'm going to create a character after them and then do terrible things to them"—but I never find the actual inspiration to do it. Oddly enough, I can be downright HORRIBLE to everyone else!
Link to Book Trailer: http://tinyurl.com/obdpfem
Buy Links:
Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/k9gc3t9
Breathless Press: http://tinyurl.com/k9wnwg6

Goblin Fires
From the moment she laid eyes on sweet Ceri, Reagan knew she would be lost forever. A Sidhe Royal, though, could never return such feelings for a War-Child...
As the daughter of the fae Goddess of War, Reagan was sworn into service to the Sidhe monarchies before she was born. Her contract forever binds her to the beautiful goblin princess Ceridwen. When an unseen enemy threatens the Fae Courts, Ceridwen is caught in the attack, and Reagan must fight to the ends of the earth to save her. But will this battle tear her away from her princess forever?


I surprised her when I showed up without warning at her door; I hadn't called ahead. I'd barely recognized I meant to go there myself. When Talaith appeared in the doorway, though, one eyebrow cocked, I didn't offer any kind of explanation. I threw myself at her.

I kissed her, hard and desperate, wrapping my arms around her luscious frame. I pushed her backward into the entryway of her apartment and kicked the door shut behind me. She squeaked. She actually squeaked.

"My Lady Knight!" she huffed when I let her up for air. "To what do I owe this pleasure?"
"This?" I teased, and kissed her again. "This isn't pleasure, Majesty. What I'm about to do to you, that will be a pleasure."

"Mm," she chuckled, and then she returned the embrace, twining slender arms around me and sliding fingers into my tawny hair.

Though the sun had set less than an hour ago, it appeared as though Tala had already been settling in for the night. She wore an oversized blue nightshirt hanging carelessly off one shoulder, a pair of slim and shimmery satin boy shorts, and dark fleece socks. She held a mug of cocoa in one hand, holding it expertly away from the violent crush of my body against hers to keep from spilling it. I reached out and stole it from her, taking a long drink.

"Reagan!" she exclaimed. "You don't drink hot cocoa!"

"Tonight I do," I countered, and pressed her into another kiss, the sweet taste of creamy chocolate mingling on our lips. Tala of course had loaded her cocoa with the decadences of whipped cream and sprinkled chocolate shavings; the saccharine overdose made me wince. It hit me like a slug of strong alcohol, going down about as smooth. A quick, sleek burn kindled up through my limbs, bubbling all the way up to my head, and I slid both hands underneath her nightshirt to strip it up and off of her. The lace-and-satin bra underneath matched her panties. I nuzzled my face between her breasts and uttered an appreciative little sound of delight.

"Ridiculous creature!" she laughed, but arched against me all the same.

I came up to take the hot chocolate again, this time tipping it to her lips. She happily took a drink, and when I brought the mug away, a white trail of whipped cream marked her upper lip. I ducked in for another kiss and slowly licked it away—even the small bit of sweetness made me shiver. Her tongue met mine and we kissed over and over, tasting, sucking, and trading soft murmurs of pleasure. Each new kiss sent a pulsing, dizzy little thrill through me, and then the chocolate really started to kick in.

This is why I don't take sugar in my tea. All it takes is the littlest taste...

...and I'm smashed.

Vicious arousal caught fire in me. I tangled one hand in the pretty red hair at the base of Tala's skull, gripping tightly, while the other slipped down, under the cup of her bra, greedily caressing the warm, soft shape of her breast. I touched the tiny stiff peak of her nipple and squeezed it, teasing. Tala rewarded me with a quick, gasping giggle. I practically tore the nightshirt over her head and then the sheer designer bra as I fell upon her breasts with relish.

"The couch—"she managed, and she grabbed me by the shoulders to drag me to it. The room was dim, lit by the glow of the fire in her hearth. She tumbled backward onto the plush black leather and I followed, landing on top of her.
Author Bio:
They say you should never meet your heroes, but Brantwijn Serrah says otherwise. At a Los Angeles book signing in 2012, Brantwijn met one of her all-time favorite authors of urban fantasy, Jim Butcher, who couldn't have been kinder or more encouraging to her as an aspiring novelist herself. As it turned out, the book he signed for her that night gave her the first spark of inspiration for Goblin Fires, the story of a goblin Knight hopelessly in love with her princess.
When she isn't visiting the worlds of immortals, demons, dragons and goblins, Brantwijn fills her time with artistic endeavors: sketching, painting, customizing My Little Ponies and sewing plushies for friends. She can't handle coffee unless there's enough cream and sugar to make it a milkshake, but try and sweeten her tea and she will never forgive you. She moonlights as a futon for four lazy cats, loves tabletop role-play games, and can spend hours watching Futurama, Claymore or Buffy the Vampire Slayer while she writes or draws.
In addition to her novels, Brantwijn has had several stories published in anthologies by Breathless Press, including the 2013 Crimson Anthology and 2014 Ravaged Anthology. She's also had a short story published in the Cleiss Press Big Book of Orgasm and the anthology Coming Together Through The Storm. She hopes to have several more tales to tell as time goes on. She has author pages on GoodReads and Amazon, and loves to see reader comments on her work. Her short stories occasionally pop up at Foreplay and Fangs, her blog.

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