Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Artful by Author Wilbert Stanton

Inside was the Great Hall. Yellow light danced across the walls, lit candles decorated the expanse of the immense chapel. Beautifully pillars held up a ceiling that was arched so high, it was hard to make out the paintings that adorned it. Most of the sculptures and art work were fading. Yet still it all seemed impressive, majestic, a tomb that preserved time as best as it could. Rows of pews lined the left and right side, all leading toward a dais, where a crooked cross hung low, illuminated by the light of a candle chandelier.
Most noticeable were the two recliners that faced the pews and rows of praying Angels, heads held low in a placating manner. On the recliners sat the two figures I would have to sway. The two children who walked this same path so many years ago were now older, and seemingly bored. Adam leaned heavily in his chair, leg draped over the arm rest. Eve leaned in close on her knees, staring at me with a hunger that turned my blood to ice.
He was pale as porcelain, just as delicate. His hair was braided in long dreads threaded with different colored yarn. He was topless except for the bullet proof vest he wore, dented from failed attempts at his life. He casually sighed, cleaning lint from his finely pressed slacks.
Her red hair was cut short and tussled like she just woke up, glitter shining around her wide, dark eyes. Her lips glowed a glossy ruby red. She wore no protection, just a simple white dress, and it, too, was finely cared for. The contrast between the two was striking. She had an air of innocence about her, meanwhile he clearly tried to hide an edge. He caught my eye and sat up, frowning.
“Eyes to the floor,” David nudged me. “Sorry, forgot to tell you the etiquette. Don’t be rude.”
“Sorry.” I looked down. The tiled floors were beautifully shined. I would like to see her face again. She was breathtaking; there was something enchanting about her. Like a fairy from the stories we were told as children… magical, yet dangerous.
“Praise be the Son of Adam and Daughter of Eve!” David and Michael both said. There was silence, another nudge from David.
“Oh,” I said. “Praise be the Son of Adam and Daughter of Eve.”
“Who is this?” Adam asked pompously. Had I not known, I would have assumed he was a Tower Baby. “Most importantly, why do you bring him before us?”
“He seems delicious.” Eve sounded sweet, just as I imagined.
Adam took a deep breath. “Really, Eve? Can you not?”
“What?” Eve leaned forward, eyeing me up and down. “Look at him… he’s perfect.”
“Can you let me work without interrupting for once?” Adam pleaded. “And maybe, use your inside voice?”
“My inside voice is the voice of God; my outside voice is the voice of my heart,” she said.
“And back to David.” Adam held up a hand to silence Eve. “Who is this?”
“We found him on patrol. He’s traveled a long way to meet you. He seeks salvation. Verge of death, he was, when we found him.”

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