Monday, August 18, 2014

Review by Ann Marie - Temptation by author Robin Covington

TemptationTemptation by Robin Covington

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Country music singer in danger meets hot sexy firefighter in need of saving.

So we have Kit here and she is in a jam a bad one stuck in a fire at the record studio with no one around to help her. But help arrives thank god. Meet Max, (*sighs) Max is a sexy as sin fire fighter who doesn’t have a clue who is just saved. Kit has had a bad year emotionally and mentally. Her and her boyfriend split causing her to go into a tailspin of drama. Now she is getting her act back together and stuck in a damn fire. Max doesn’t even recognize the girl he has had a crush on since she became a country star.

“He was fucking gorgeous. Not movie – star or prettied- up male model good looking, but real- man, works- for- a- living has women- falling- all- over him at the grocery store SMOKIN’ hot”. Kit referred to him as an angel.

Kit and Max eventually wind up at a press conference and then things heat up after that, Max wants Kit, he has never wanted anyone as bad as he wants Kit. Kit is ready to have a little fun before her tour kicks off and Max would definitely help her with that. The problem is Kit is supposed to be focused on her tour and getting ready for it. No time for man or anything relationship but sex? She has time for sex right? Max and Kit heat things up and I love their relationship I love that Kit is this down to earth girl with real life issues only magnified for her because of the spotlight. Max, ah Max he is a guy that needs to give someone a chance to love him and he needs to love again even though he says he doesn’t we all need love at some point in our lives.

Will Kit and Max have sex? Holy hell yes and its freakn smokin!! But will more blossom between them more than just sex? Can Max love again? Will Kit ever trust anyone fully and let someone take care of her for once? GREAT love story!! Loved I hope we hear more of Max and Kit!

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