Monday, August 18, 2014

Review by Ann Marie - Yield to Me by author Sarah Castille

Yield to Me (Club Excelsior, #1)Yield to Me by Sarah Castille

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“You’re afraid of submission”

Marcy Foster is an MMA fighter with Club Excelsior. She is in the middle of her training preparing for state championships when she heard those words. She doesn’t know this man standing here watching her. What is his deal anyway? She is at the top of her game she is 4-0 by knockout. Unaware that Reid hired him to help her. Marcy comes from a high achieving family. She likes fighting and doesn’t want to work on Wall Street like the rest of them. No she didn’t want that. She wanted the excitement of fighting she loves the thrill.

Jax Stratham stood watching Marcy he was to be her new coach if she was to go all the way with MMA she needed him she just doesn't know it yet. Reid Callaghan the owner of the Club Excelsior hired him for the next six weeks to help them up their game. Jax is an ex MMA fighter who is now using his psychology degree to help other fighters. He signed on for six weeks with Reid to help his team but Marcy has quickly become someone he wants to know more about. She is a distraction for him and he is for her.

Things heat up between Jax and Marcy she wants him and she knows he can handle her darkest fantasies. Jax knows what Marcy wants and what she needs he knows his dominant side is screaming to be let out with her. Strong sexual desires for each other a need to be dominated and a need to be submissive; she wants to submit to him. She needs to work out her issue in the ring otherwise she will lose the big fight! Can she do it?

This book rocked! I want more!!

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