Monday, August 18, 2014

Review of Rain Shadow Book 3 by Tess Oliver from Loraine Oliver

Rain Shadow Book 3Rain Shadow Book 3 by Tess Oliver

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review by Loraine Oliver a Wicked Women Reviewer

Rain Shadow 3 starts up right where 2 ended and let me tell you, this part is even more intense than the first two and they were very intense. It starts out where Luke is able to get back to his place and his position in the DEA. After he is debriefed, he makes it his mission to reconnect with Angel-there is a problem with that, which leaves Luke madder than hell and anxious, and very very scared- and you will have to read this to find out what happens with Angel.
This book is filled with so many twists and turns to the plot that Tess Oliver keeps you guessing and the plot is thickening even more if that is possible. There is a lot of angst of different types between all of the characters, and when loyalty is one of the issues, you just know that it is going to be really bad for those in question. Also is the fact that a lot of people think Luke(Reno) is dead and that leaves Angel hopeless and heart broken-and when some awful things happen, she just is more miserable and hopeless than before.

So now we have these questions to wonder about:
Will Angel survive what happens to her?
How will she handle life without her Luke-her knight in shining armor?
What happens with the situation with Dreygon,will he ever be held accountable for everything he has done? And that he continues to do?
what will happen to those that he thinks betrayed him?
Will this book have a happy ending?
And my own personal question-what happens to Angel's pets-her horse, her dogs, her Aunt's cat, lol well it's a legitimate question!

With all of these questions and oh so much more than I can mention, you can see how intense this series is! Between the angst of love, hate, death,insanity,and cruelty, being safe again, hoping for miracles, and a plot that thickens and is getting ready to explode-well lets just say this book will be on your mind long after you have finished it and I think it will probably be in the running for best new book of 2014-yes it is that good! With such a great cast of characters,such a great plot and the angst that chokes you up,all I can say is- read this book- it is going to leave you waiting for the next two parts to hurry along!

I rated this part as 5***** stars, and might I add that Tess Oliver has given me a massive book hangover,I can't wait for part four!! Thanks for such a great read, Tess Oliver! You have great books, but this book by far is your best book ever! Congratulations on being such a great author, and I know I will be reading your new books for a long time to come!

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