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The Millionaire's Proposal: Destined For Love SeriesThe Millionaire's Proposal: Destined For Love Series by Janelle Denison

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Millionaire's Proposal is a sweet book written by Janelle Denison, however this is the new and improved version, the first one coming out in 1998, a Harlequin Romance named The Baby Surprise! This book is the story of Grace Holbrook and Ford McCabe.

Friends since they were in grade school, Grace grew up in a loving home, and as they grew up Ford became known as the hoodlum of the town and a rebel without a cause, but Grace fell in love with him. One day she got up and he was gone, leaving her broken- hearted, after he was accused of causing her brother's death.

Years went by and Grace got married but to someone her Dad wanted for her and after 5 years, and being told she was infertile, they split up and now Grace has been single again for quite some time. She lives by herself, and her Mom died a year after her brother, so it is just her and her Dad and even at her age, he still tries to run her life.

After 11 years, Ford McCabe returns home a millionaire, and while some accept him, most do not. Ford still wants Grace after all these years. And she wants him too, but is afraid. After Ford and Grace spend the night together Grace avoids Ford for almost a month until he can't take it anymore, so he goes to her house-and finds the positive pregnancy test in her bathroom! What follows is a storm of angst, fighting, and opinions all over town expressed within their earshot!

The book is full of emotional angst and the author puts a little twist in the plot that throws everything including Grace into a tailspin. What will happen-will she decide to try with Ford, what will her Father say, what will the townspeople say, can a town full of narrow minded people accept Ford back into the town he grew up in? Especially when he does something that threatens the whole town!

I gave this book 5 stars, and I look forward to more from this author.

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The Millionaire's Proposal