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Surviving Broken (The Mathews Family, #4)Surviving Broken by Beverly Preston

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am such a fan of Beverly's books and so enjoy her flare with the pen! She brings her characters to life in such a way that the reader becomes so committed to the characters and their beautifully written story.
This is the fourth book in the Mathews family series this is JC story. She is the fun, flirty daughter of Tess. JC has her time to shine and oh my word what a whirl wind journey of emotion we are taken on.
The lovely JC has learned to live her life by a set of rules and guidelines that she has put in place to protect her heart. She classifies her men like her scoops of ice cream....I like him, I love him and oh my I gotta have him. She refuses to become to attached to any man and does a great job of protecting her feelings.
JC meets Luca at a family wedding and she thinks yes I gotta have him. He is tall, dark , handsome and oh yes Italian. He appears to be the perfect man but unfortunately he is so far from it and does a damn good job of hiding it. He reveals the real him when he finally thinks that he has her worn down enough to tolerate it. He wants her so broken that she can't leave.
JC is a survivor and with the help of her loving and supportive family she rallies and rises from the ashes. This experience did certainly not leave her unscathed. She is now much more withdrawn and protective. She trusts no man and has no desire too.
This soon becomes a problem when she meets the new neighbor Reed Ryder. He is a sexy, compassionate man who has certainly had his share of hurt and heartbreak. He is so far from JC's type that she doesn't see the harm in "being friends". This soon becomes confusing for her when she realizes what a beautiful man inside and out that are Texan Hunk is! I loved the witty, sexually charged dialogue between them. It was a sassy game of cat and mouse.
Is it possible that these two broken people can find it in their hearts and each other to heal and live again?
Take a chance and let Reed and JC allow you to follow them on their journey of healing, forgiving, trusting and hopefully learning to love again! Hats off to Beverly for another beautifully written story.
I was gifted this book for an honest review.
~~Michele McMullen~~

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Surviving Broken (The Mathews Family, #4)
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