Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Review by Michele

Mrs R (Mrs R & Mr V #1)Mrs R by Jessie Courts

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is Jessie Courts debut novel. This is the joint venture of two friends that have embarked on a writing career. I feel that I must stand up and applaud them on a job well done!
Mrs. "R" is Rachel Renton, she has found herself a widow at the young age of 42. She falls into a depression and has lost her way. She is unsure how to proceed without her love & partner Nate. She has devoted herself to being a wife and mother for 21 years and has raised a beautiful set of twin girls. They have grown into two beautiful, caring woman and they have decided that they need to pull their mum out of this rut. They have come home for Easter holiday ready for the battle . This eight month funk of our lovely Rachel is about to come to a screeching halt. The girls have decided to bring home an old friend . Luc has known Mrs.R since he was a boy. He is not a boy anymore and Rachel comes face to face with a handsome, brooding, confident , sexy,man. He has always had a crush on Rachel and decides to start to reveal his true intentions for her. This may certainly be the cure for that nasty funk she is in!!!
Rachel begins to flourish again and decides that she has left her husband's unattended affairs at work neglected long enough. She decides that she should attempt to pick up and continue where he left off. She knows that she will need to prove herself and gain the respect of his former employees if she is to succeed . She has run into just one problem, the new CEO Joe Mason. He is arrogant, bossy, smart as a whip and oh did I mention deliciously sexy. It becomes a battle of power, wits and temptation and they can't seem to keep the sexual tension out of the room!
Rachel could have never imagined the amazing journey that she is about to embark on or the crazy turn of events that will eventually take place! It will be oh so surprising and rewarding!
I am enthralled by these two lovely writers I can not wait to see where they and their characters take us next!
I was gifted this by the authors for an honest review.
~~Michele McMullen~~

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