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Review by Michele

Crossing the Line (A Taboo Love, #3)Crossing the Line by M.D. Saperstein

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I will start by saying that I am a huge fan of the m/m love stories. I have immensely enjoyed each book in this series and Parker Hamilton did not disappoint me.
The handsome, smart, sexy Parker was born with a bad taste in his mouth was the silver spoon that he quickly removed and tossed over his shoulder. Most would be counting their lucky stars to be born into a life of privilege but with family like his who needs enemies. He does although have the unconditional love of one woman that being his sassy, witty grandmother. I so loved her. He has made his mark in the acting world and it has certainly given him the edge with all of the beautiful woman that flock to him to warm his bed.
Chance Steele has had his own hardships. Growing up in the foster care system always feeling like the child that no one wanted was so very hard on him. Although when they did show him attention it was usually unwanted and malicious. He was able to break free at 18 and become a military man, and then eventually his good looks and strong persona gave him his break into acting.
Parker and Chance have shall we say a hate/hate relationship over the years. They have been thrown together on many productions. The result of them working together has always been the same.....they can't stand be near each other. They can't help but get under each others skin and irritate one another. Why is it that they seem to rub each other the wrong way? It is a fine line between love and hate!
When they are thrown together on this new adventure it becomes something that neither had expected. The witty banter, sassy comebacks and sexual chemistry is off the charts. I loved the awakening, self discovery and passion between them on their their journey of self discovery!!
I was gifted this book for an honest review.
~~Michele McMullen~~

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Crossing the Line (A Taboo Love, #3)
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