Friday, October 3, 2014

Review by Wicked Women reviewer Ann Marie

A Whisper of Rue (Book 5)A Whisper of Rue by Decadent Kane
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love Decadent Kane’s elves!!

Here we meet Rue a female Elf who takes no crap from any male elf! She can hold her own. Rue doesn't know who her father is he wasn't around for her when she was growing up. She has always take care of herself. Never needing a male elf to provide for her. She is strong and independent. I like her!

Meet Gage, now Gage here isn't your child like elf no not at all. He is a sexy all adult male elf. When he gets Rue to help him on a mission to free someone, he never tells her who is in danger (and neither will I *evil grin).

Gage is communicating with her thru a magical ear bud she has found in her home with a note telling her to put it in her ear. Now she must help save the man that is being tortured on the other end of the ear bud. Gage tells her she must listen to everything he tells her or the man on the other end will suffer. She can hear a man scream in pain when she doesn't do what he tells her to do. So she agrees not wanting anyone to be hurt because of her. So starts this journey with Rue and Gage. Who is the man being tortured by Gage? Why has he chosen her? What if its her father? Will she ever find her mate?

I love your adult elf stories!! Great fairytales with adult flare! Thank you!! If you want something a little different, not your typical paranormal romance reads but something with a cute sexy twist I highly recommend Decadent Kane’s elf stories.

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