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10 Naughty Nights of Holiday Bliss... CHAPTER TWO author Fifi Flowers

A Window to Love by Fifi Flowers...

This book contains sexually explicit material and is intended for adult readers only.

Chapter Two

Who is this woman and what has she done to me? I can't remember
not wanting to run, not wanting to sneak out of bed and out the door to avoid
the awkward morning scenes. Usually after a night of fucking I was ready to
move on, but there was something about Melissa. Sex had always been just sex to
me, getting each other off and saying goodbye. Its not that I didn't care about who I was with.
I did. I just never had any intentions of letting anything become more than I
wanted it to be. Its
crazy, but I find myself wanting to pleasure Melissa until she is completely
consumed with me. I wanted her obsessed with me. I wanted her to beg me to
never leave her because I don't want to be without her. How is it conceivable
to think that she is the oneafter only a few hours of being with her? I feel so comfortable
being with her. Something about her was so familiar, but it's not something I
could put my finger on.
When I woke up this morning in her bed, my
first thought was that I want more of her. She looked so beautiful with her
golden blonde hair fanned out across her pillow. Long dark lashes resting on
her rosy cheeks, and oh that mouth, full pale red lips; a perfect fit for mine.
Instead of attacking her as I wanted to, I let her sleep. Getting up, I pulled
on my pants and headed for the kitchen.
In the light of day, I got a better view of her
apartment. Across the hall from the master bedroom was a library paneled in
dark wood with bookcases from floor to ceiling. A sliding ladder hung on
rollers that ran the length of the cases. One diamond-tucked sofa covered in
caramel colored leather faced two matching chairs. An ornate wooden table was
placed between them. It was all extremely masculine except for some fancy
pillows and romantic novels stacked on the table along with an illustrated Kama
Sutra coffee table book. Interesting.
Crossing through the living room, I saw two large
undressed windows that looked out onto the park. The view reminded me of being
in a tree-house; lush green tops of the trees against the backdrop of the
buildings that ran along Fifth Avenue on the opposite side of the park. Between
the two windows was a fireplace surrounded by an ornately carved white marble
mantle. A black grand piano sat in front of one of the windows, I wondered if
she played. The furnishings in the room were ridged; two sofas faced each
other, covered in a traditional dark grey brushed velvet with pale grey piping.
A glass top coffee table between the sofas was topped with a few art books. The
only signs of a female touch were a few decorative pillows that looked as if
they have been tossed onto the sofas without much thought.
Next to the living room, two doors opened into
a dining room. A large standard rectangular wood table with plain wood chairs
was placed in the center of the room. A row of candles in simple glass holders
served as its centerpiece. The only item that stood out in the room that
remotely reminded me of Melissa was the crystal chandelier. It had a French
flair, and it was beautiful, like her.
Moving through a swinging door, I entered the
kitchen. I hadn't paid much attention to it last night because I was so turned
on by the vision sitting on the island in front of me. Now standing the
kitchen,  I noted the cabinetry was a
natural wood colour and the appliances were stainless steel. Again the lighting
fixtures captured me; four pendants above the island appeared to be the only
personal touch in the room. There was a big window with an area perfect for an
eat-in table that sat empty. Empty. That's how the apartment felt; empty of
emotion, nothing like the beautiful woman who was full of emotion last night as
I fucked her.
Across the hall from the kitchen, there were
two more rooms; a guest room with an en-suite bathroom and a powder room off
the hallway. The powder room had plain fixtures; stark
and without decoration. The guest room looked like a hotel room; no personal
touches and definitely no warmth. It was furnished with a standard queen-size
bed and two nondescript nightstands topped with plain lamps. Opposite the bed
was a dresser with a flat screen TV and DVD machine. Some exercise DVDs sat
next to the player and on the floor were some hand weights and a yoga mat. The
en-suite bathroom was minus any décor besides towels on a
rack. There was a walk-in closet that looked like a storage facility filled
with shipping boxes marked with her last name along with the words
"mom" and "dad."
Large unpacked, taped up boxes had gym equipment in them; a treadmill,
elliptical machine, and exercise bike. Melissa definitely had a very fit body
and now I knew why.
Trying to figure out the puzzle to this
apartment, I headed back to the kitchen in search of food to make breakfast. I
brewed some coffee with something else that reminds me of Melissa; a French
press. I sliced up some fruit I found in her refrigerator and warmed up two
croissants I found in a white paper bakery bag on the counter. On a small tray
I arranged the croissants, coffee, fruit, cream and sugar along with two French
bistro cups that also reminded me of her.
Returning to the master bedroom, I set the tray
on one of the modest wood nightstands and looked around the room. I took note
of the lack of personality in her private space, similar to what I found
throughout her whole apartment. It felt like a hotel.  A place to stay but not to live.  There were a couple touches that screamed
Melissa; a playful leopard faux throw at the end of the bed and a hot pink
French club chair that sat in one corner. Once again, there were no curtains,
nothing to soften the edges of the large stark windows that took up most of one
The en-suite bathroom, however, seemed to fit her. I could see by the collection of bath products,
along with flowers and candles that she loved taking baths. I could also
envision a lot of playtime ahead for us in that tub.
Her walk-in closet was filled with her scent;
an enticing bouquet of jasmine, orange blossoms with a slight hint of vanilla.
Strappy sandals, flat and high heeled, appeared to be her favourite type of
footwear. The colourful handbags, scarves, and hats hanging in this space
represented how I saw Melissa; playful and fun.
Hearing some movement of the sheets, I walked
out of the closet and gazed at the sleepy gorgeous figure nestled in the plain
beige and white linens. I moved to her, she stretched exposing her lush
breasts. I growled and hardened.
Hey sexy!I leaned over and attacked
those great lips. Ready for some coffee and
Mmmm. No coffee. No fruit. Just you!
She didn't need to convince me. I dropped my
pants and slipped between the sheets to be with her.  Right where I wanted to be.
Abruptly, she flipped back the covers and
crawled over me, her gorgeous ass up in the air. I reached out and ran my hand
down her body, Oh bébé, your body makes me so
fucking hard.
She laughed and the plate of fruit she was
reaching for went flying all over the bed and us. Moving the plate back to the
nightstand she picked up a red, ripe, juicy strawberry bit it and made some
yummy noises saying how delicious it was.
Juice was dripping down her chin. I licked it off. She took another
bite, rubbing the strawberry all over her lips and finished the strawberry. I
attacked her mouth. Our tongues were sliding and twisting, doing a mating
Breaking our kiss, Melissa pushed me back and
bit into another strawberry. I watched her, anticipating her next move. She
leaned forward, close to my face. I thought she was going to kiss me, but
instead she slid the juicy berry along my bottom lip then sucked it into her
mouth. I moaned and reached for her, but she pulled back shaking her head no.
With the strawberry still in her hand she ran it down my neck, her tongue
following its path. My Melissa was toying with me. With a giggle and a naughty
look on her beautiful face, she playfully rubbed it across my chest then
continued her downward journey with the fruit and her tongue.
You're driving me crazy, bébé.
I'm just getting started.She moved down to my
stomach. Look what I foundas she picked up a slice of cantaloupe stuck to my abs. She took a
bite and licked the spot where she found it and then raised up and fed me the rest
of the slice.
I said nothing. My eyes were locked with hers
as I opened my mouth and took a bite of the cantaloupe.
Tastes even better served from your body,she murmured as she lightly trailed her tongue down my chest.
Awwww, you're killing me, bébé.
Giggling she looked up at me. I winked back at
her. Her tongue licked and flicked at the tip of my engorged cock. I growled at
her as she started running her tongue up and down my shaft.
Oh yeah,I whispered to myself, You know just what I like.
Mmmmis all I heard as she
moved her hand to the base of my cock and slipped me into her warm, inviting
mouth. Her mouth felt like velvet as it clamped around me. She slowly sucked me
in inch by inch as she stroked and squeezed me.
Moaning, panting, I reached down to pull her
up. I can't take much more, bébé.
She pushed my hands away.
Ssssh. Let me finish.She sucked me harder,
taking me deeper into her mouth. I screamed her name and released into the back
of her throat. She licked me clean. Sitting back, Melissa grabbed another piece
of fruit, sucked on it and awarded me with a sexy as hell smile as she crawled
back up next to me. She bit off a piece of the fruit and stuck the other half
into my mouth. She's incredibly hot. I wanted her to be mine. I could look at
her all day, sucking her swollen, puffy red lips; I could kiss those lips
forever. Where are mineand forevercoming from?
I rolled her back, squishing fruit into the
bed. I scooped up some mashed fruit, rubbed it on her neck and licked it off.
Mmmm, you're right. The fruit does taste delicious served from
your body.
Taking a strawberry, I bit it and rubbed it on
her nipples. I feasted on her breasts, loving how her nipples hardened and
responded to my touch. Hearing her moans, I grabbed more fruit. Rubbing it on
her stomach, I devoured every last bite.
Grabbing a piece of banana, I gave her an evil
look. Her breath caught in anticipation as she watched me lower the banana
between her legs. Licking her lips, she started breathing in soft gasps. What are you going to do with that?
I raised an eyebrow at her and rubbed the firm banana across her folds. I
heard a sharp gasp escape her lips, followed by moaning as I continued sliding
the banana around her clit before I moved it further down and slipped it inside
of her.
Ooh mon dieu, monsieur. What are you doing to moi?I loved her little French outbursts.
Pulling out the piece of banana, I popped it
into my mouth. Oh my, bébé, you taste so delicious.I whispered, my breath hot on her clit. I replaced the banana with
my tongue, plunging in and out of her delicious pussy, sliding my tongue along
her folds and then sucking her clit into my mouth. Inserting one finger then
another into her, I fucked her with my fingers until she was screaming my name,
thrusting her mound into my mouth and grabbing my hair tightly in her fists. I
held her waist tight and licked her until her climax eased.
After placing a few kisses on her hip, I moved
up her body and captured her lips. She wrapped her arms around my neck, lacing
her fingers into my hair, tugging me closer to deepen the kiss. Sitting up, I
scooped her into my arms and carried her into the bathroom. Time to wash off the fruit, bébé.
I don't think I will ever look at a plate of fruit the same way
Melissa giggled.
Me either.I laughed.
With Melissa in my arms, I stepped into her
walk-in shower and turned on the water, waiting until the temperature was just
right before stepping into the warm spray. I started to slide her down my body
as the water cascades over us. Feeling my erection against her, she wrapped her
legs tightly around my waist, rubbing herself against me. Making me even harder. I wanted to be in her.
Hold on tight, bébé. Time for a ride.I pushed her up against
the shower wall as I plunged into her, You're so wet and tight. I
love how you feel, ma
Aah, monsieur, what you do to moi,she
moaned into my ear.
Picking up the pace, we met each other thrust
for thrust. I devoured her mouth mimicking our fucking until I could barely
breathe. We were in perfect rhythm with each other. We were both moaning and
screaming, coming together. I was delirious with desire.
Reluctantly, I separated us. Lowering her, I
reached for the shampoo. I have had many women ask me to wash their hair, and I
have done as they have requested. But never before have I been so moved to do
this without prompting, to give this beautiful woman the deeply erotic
sensation of having a man who desperately wanted to please her, wash her hair.
With slow gentle strokes, I lathered the shampoo into her thick hair. My
fingers moved slowly.  Expertly. They
kneaded over and around her head as I massaged her to a place of intimate
pleasure. Moaning softly, she tilted her head back into my hands, asking for
more. Never had this been such a sensuous and sexual experience for me. As the soaps
rinsed from her hair, I found myself memorizing her skin, memorizing what it
felt like to touch her. As I reached for the soap and move it over the skin I
have so closely studied, I wonder if I would be given the chance to do this
again and again and again. Pushing aside those thoughts, I washed my own hair
and then with a little help from her, I washed my body as quickly as I can. I
didn't want her to do anything for me right now. I wanted it to be all for her.
For my Melissa. For ma cherie.
I will never get enough of you!
What did you say?she
ed breathlessly.
Not realizing I had actually said those words
out loud, I avoided her eyes as I answered, I
said... I saidI can't get enough of you,
bébé.Shaking my head to myself, I turned off the water and took her
hand as I led her out of the shower. Drying her off, I caressed every inch of
her body with a soft, plush towel. Without much thought, I quickly dried myself
and wrapped a towel around my waist. I scooped her into my arms and carried her
back into the bedroom, setting her in the hot pink chair. After slipping on my
pants, I walked into her closet where I grabbed a silk dressing gown I saw
earlier. She stood as I approached her and I slipped the robe around her. As I
tied its belt, I tilted her head back and placed a gentle kiss on her lips.
Picking her up again, I walked toward the kitchen.
Are you going to let me walk today?Melissa
asked with a big smile on her perfect face.
I havent
decided yet, but I do know I plan on keeping my hands on you all day, I hope
you don't mind.
Her pretty blue eyes lit up, Not at all. Whatever plans I might have had have suddenly
Then it's settled. It's you and me and the weekend.
Mmmmm. I'd like that.
I chuckled and gave her a wink as I set her down, Good. Since we've worked off the fruit, let's get some coffee and
some breakfast. I'm starving.
She nodded and giggled then set about pulling
out items for me to use to make thin crepe-like pancakes while I made a fresh
pot of French press. As the aroma of deep roasted coffee filled the air, I
whipped up the batter from memory and suddenly wished all of the fruit wasn't
all over her bed. Fruit crepes would have been a perfect breakfast, but what we
did with that fruit was quite delectable, too.
I set our breakfast on the center island and
motioned for her to take the stool next to me. I added some jam and a small
spoon full of crème fraîche to the edge of our plates. As I began to spread them over the
crepes, I knew there were so many questions I wanted to ask her. I had to ask
her. I wanted to know her. But I knew what I would ask first.
Taking a sip of the steaming hot coffee, I
worked out how to ask her about this place that reflected so little of her. I
decided to start with the obvious. I noticed you don't have a
Christmas tree. Do you decorate last minute?
No,Melissa put down her fork
and turned her head from me. I don't have a tree. No
last minute decorating.She stopped and stared
down into her coffee. Because I'm alone, I don't
usually get a tree. There' no point really.With
great control, she lifted her cup to her lips and took a sip of her coffee.
You should have a tree. I saw the look on your face as you looked
at the trees in the holiday windows.
Her cup rattled
softly as she lowered it back down to the island and turned to look at me.
I don't have decorations.I see her eyes filled with
Oh my bébé, what's wrong?
I haven't had Christmas or a tree in six years. My parents died
the day after Christmas seven years ago.She sounded angry as she
said this but the tears that silently streamed down her face told another
I felt my heart breaking. I'm so sorry,I murmured taking Melissa
into my arms. Now I understand why you
aren't excited about the holiday. Oh ma cherie, if you would let me, I would
love to make it good for you again.
Pulling back, she looked up at me, her eyes so
full of worry, That's very nice of you,
She tried to pull away, but I held on to her,
squeezing her a little tighter.

No buts.Let's
have a tree delivered today and go shopping for new decorations. Its time for a fresh start,

A Holiday Window in New York City

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